1666 Trailer Goes Back to the Bloody Beginning to End the Curse

For the last two weeks, Netflix subscribers have been enjoying the first two parts of the Fear Street trilogy. Based on a series of novels from R.L. Stine, these are not your typical Goosebumps. These are R-rated slasher movies with enough bloody violence to satisfy most horror fans. The conclusion, Fear Street Part 3: 1666, will tie up the intriguing story that has been laid out thus far.

In Fear Street Part 1: 1994, Deena, Sam, and friends find themselves on the run from undead killers who are possessed by the spirit of a witch, Sarah Fier, that has cursed Shadyside. In part 2, 1978, we get a flashback of another night when a massacre took place, this time at a sleepaway camp. We followed a young Ziggy as she encounters the killers and deals with many of the teenage issues one could face at camp. Part 2 paid tribute to the many other sleepaway camp slasher movies like Friday the 13th.

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At the end of Fear Street Part 2: 1978, we see Deena return the skeletal hand of the witch to her grave, supposedly ending the curse. However, Deena is given a vision once she does this that takes her back to 1666, the year when Fier’s curse began. We know that Sam is still possessed by Fier and the only way to free her is to break the curse.

The trailer features many of the same actors as before. This could just be a fun way of bringing them back or it may mean something more. Maybe everyone is stuck to Shadyside and their ancestors have been a part of this curse for years. Kiana Madeira who plays Deena will also be playing Fier, suggesting the two may have a strong connection.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 poster

In the trailer, Fier in 1666 also ha a relationship with another girl who looks like Sam. We also see hints of a demonic presence as characters bring up the devil. The town must have a strong fear of God, suggesting that any potential witchcraft would be seen as demonic. The imagery is once again disturbing as 1666 may wind up being the bloodiest and most disturbing entry in the trilogy. We also see things like a church full of dead people, the town going on a witch hunt, some coventry imagery, and a shot showing someone discovering the freaky, giant blob in the cave that beats like a heart.

We are also given a small preview of Cyrus Miller, possibly the scariest killer yet. Cyrus Miller is the old pastor of Shadyside in 1666 and is also the first person possessed by Fier. Miller is notorious for murdering children and cutting their eyes out. It’s not clear how graphic this entry will be, but seeing that on screen sounds horrifying. Ruby Lane and Thomas Slattery have nothing on this guy.

It’s not clear how this origin story will interact with 1994. What we know is that Ziggy, Deena, and Josh are trying to free Sam and the town of Shadyside from the witch’s curse. Will they succeed? You will have to watch part 3 to find out.

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