7/7 London bombing: When was the attack and who were the victims?

A memorial to the 7/7 bombing victims

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the London bombings (Picture: In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the 7/7 terror attacks in London, which saw public transport targeted in the captial city.

52 people were killed, and more than 700 were injured by the explosions on the Underground and bus system.

At a memorial last year, London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the bombings as ‘terrible events’, saying his ‘thoughts are with all those whose lives were changed forever.’

As we remember those affected by the attacks today, find out when they took place and the names of the victims.

When did the 7/7 London bombings take place?

The 7/7 London bombings took place on July 7, 2005.

Three of the four bombs were detonated just before 9am on Tube trains at Edgware Road, Aldgate and Russell Square.

London Bomb Attacks Dominate Newspaper Front Pages

The news shocked the country (Picture: Getty)

All three trains had departed from London’s King’s Cross station.

A fourth device was detonated about an hour later on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square in central London.

The four people identified as responsible for the attack were Mohammad Sidique Khan (30), Shehzad Tanweer (22), Germaine Lindsay (19) and Hasib Hussain (18).

Emergency services – and members of the public – scrambled to help those that were injured, in an attack that sent shockwaves across the world.

Who were the victims of the 7/7 London bombings?

A total of 52 people were killed as a result of the 7/7 bombings. These were:

  • James Adams, 32 – a church deacon and mortgage advisor
  • Samantha Badham, 35 – a web designer
  • Philip Beer, 22 – a hair stylist
  • Anna Brandt, 41 – a cleaner
  • Ciaran Cassidy, 22 – a shop assistant
  • Rachelle Chung For Yuen, 27 – an accountant
  • Elizabeth Daplyn, 26 – a hospital administrator
  • Arthur Frederick, 60 – a museum security guard and former police officer
  • Karolina Gluck, 29 – a receptionist
  • Gamze Gunoral, 24 – a student

Tenth Anniversary Of The London 7/7 Bombings

Family members of victims embrace at the 7/7 memorial (Picture: Getty)
  • Lee Harris, 30 – an architect
  • Ojara Ikeagwu, 56 – a social worker
  • Emily Jenkins, 24 – an aspiring midwife
  • Helen Jones, 28 – an accountant
  • Susan Levy, 53 – a legal secretary
  • Shelley Mather, 26 – a tour guide
  • Michael Matsushita, 37 – an IT recruiter
  • James Mayes, 28 – an analyst
  • Behnaz Mozakka, 47 – a biomedical officer
  • Mihaela Otto, 46 – a dental technician
A two minute silence was observed at King’s Cross in 2006, a year after the attacks took place (Picture: Getty)
  • Atique Sharifi, 24 – a student
  • Ihab Slimane, 24 – a waiter
  • Christian Small, 28 – an advertising salesman
  • Monika Suchocka, 23 – a trainee accountant
  • Mala Trivedi, 51 – a radiographer
  • Adrian Johnson, 37 – a hockey player
  • Anthony Fatayi-Williams, 26 – an oil executive
  • Jamie Gordon, 30 – a financier
  • Giles Hart, 55 – a pro-democracy activist and BT engineer
  • Marie Hartley, 34 – an artist
After the bus explosion at Tavistock Square, 13 people died (Picture: Getty)
  • Miriam Hyman, 31 – a freelance picture editor
  • Shahara Islam, 20 – a cashier
  • Neetu Jain, 37 – an IT technician
  • Sam Ly, 28 – an Australian national on holiday in the UK
  • Shyanuja Parathasangary, 30 – a Royal Mail employee
  • Anat Rosenberg, 39 – a charity administrator
  • Philip Russell, 28 – a financier
  • William Wise, 54 – an IT specialist
  • Gladys Wundowa, 50 – a cleaner
  • Lee Baisden, 34 – an accountant
Floral tributes were paired with messages of hope at memorial sites (Picture: Getty)
  • Benedetta Ciaccia, 30 – an IT business analyst
  • Richard Ellery, 21 – a camera shop assistant
  • Richard Gray, 41 – a tax manager
  • Anne Moffat, 48 – head of marketing for Girlguiding UK
  • Carrie Taylor, 24 – an aspiring novelist
  • Fiona Stevenson, 29 – a solicitor
  • Michael Stanley Brewster, 52 – senior project manager
  • Jonathan Downey, 34 – a HR executive
  • David Graham Foulkes, 22 – a media sales manager for The Guardian
  • Colin William Morley, 52 – an advertising executive

Many more were injured, with survivors going on to describe the horror of the attacks as well as their lives afterwards.

The bus’ driver, George Psaradakis, 59, told the Daily Mail: ‘The horror of what I witnessed is etched indelibly on my heart, but I saw so many wonderful things too.

‘Sheer altruism, benevolence, people going out of their way to help others.

‘What I saw was the worst of people mixed with the best.’

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