7 Revolutionary Inventions Your Home Must Have In 2021

Homes just keep getting smarter by the year. New technology makes previously labor-intensive jobs a snap as well as offers functionality you have never dreamed of.

Whether you have mobility issues and need support to move around the house, or need to manage your front door when you’re not at home, you can do that now.

From smart lights to smart appliances and innovative versions of old standard tools, there are so many revolutionary devices that save you time and energy – in some cases, they can even keep you in your home.

In others, they may keep your children in their beds, and what a blessing that is! Read on for all the coolest inventions for your home in 2019. Check out #5 especially. It is an old favorite with a ton of new potential!

1. Stair Lifts

For people with mobility issues, a stair lift can mean the difference between staying home and needing to move to a care facility. Basically a chair attached to a rail running along the edge of the stairs, this handy device can carry you up and down as needed. It is often plugged into an outlet, but may have battery back-up so that it still works even in a power outage.

If there is medical need, health insurance will often pay a portion of the cost. There are interior and exterior versions – the outdoor stair lifts are meant for porch steps and are waterproof. Stair lifts are a bit different from wheelchair lifts, which are more like a mini-elevator with a platform that holds one person in a wheelchair.


Standing for spontaneous pop-up display, SPUD is a revolutionary foldable screen that can be used with computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is a high resolution, 24” display that collapses down to the size of a book. When unfolded, it is 4x larger than a computer screen and 23x larger than a smartphone display. Designed much like a foldable umbrella, the SPUD can be set up in seconds. It features wireless adapter support for Chromecast, Microsoft Wireless Adapter, Roku, and Amazon.

This lightweight product is easy to use and carry with you anywhere. It makes it a snap to share your smartphone screen with anyone in the house, add an auxiliary screen to the TV for the comfort of your guests, and increase comfort for the visually impaired. Made by the Arovia company, you can currently preorder you own SPUD from the second production run.

3. Glance Clock

Clocks have been around for centuries. From sundials to analog to digital, clock technology has certainly evolved. However, not much has changed recently. Enter the Glance Clock. This handy device shows you the time, the weather, and your daily schedule at a glance. It can also show you who’s calling and give you reminders. You customize the information you want to see.

Glance Clock is different from other organizers in that it shows information via digital bars that follow the numbers on the clock face. So when you review sleep quality data from your fitness tracker, you can see on the clock exactly when you slept and when you were restless. There is also a timer function and it can even tell you when your Uber has pulled up outside!
Glance Clock is currently available from the manufacturer or Amazon.

4. Aumi Light

Aumi Light is a smart rechargeable night light that you can use anywhere and control with your phone. It offers a staggering 16 million color options, so you can find the exact right shade to soothe your child or yourself to sleep. It has a motion activated sensor, scheduling, and a precise dimmer for extremely nuanced control.

This chargeable nightlight lasts up to 8 hours on one charge, so it is an excellent device to take along on camping trips or even when you’re walking your dog at night. The Aumi can be controlled completely via your smartphone and some capabilities, like dimming, are also controllable on the device itself. Find Aumi Light at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and direct from the manufacturer.

5. Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is a hassle, but it makes a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home. Regular vacuuming reduces allergens, preserves your flooring, and keeps household pests away. To make short work of this otherwise time consuming and labor intensive job, you can purchase a robot vacuum that runs automatically and senses the contours of the room.

And while robot vacuums are not exactly new, they have recently developed some exciting new features that make this a perfect time to buy one. Look for one that allows you to control it from anywhere via your smartphone and home assistant (Alexa or Google Home). Some models also have a self-cleaning brush head and rubber blades that extend from under the unit to pull debris from corners. And for most, the suction power has increased a lot from earlier versions.

6. Video Doorbell

Remember the old days when we used to routinely answer the phone without knowing who was on the other end? Very few people do that anymore, so why answer the door before you know who’s out there? With a video doorbell, you don’t have to. A mounted camera allows you to check the front porch via your smartphone before you approach the door, even if you’re not at home.

There are various features available on different brands, so make sure to do your research. You can get motion detection, night vision, and smartphone alerts. Some makes have internal video storage, while others require a subscription fee to store video in the cloud. Others allow you to talk to your guest via a speaker. In any case, a video doorbell is much handier than a peephole, which you have to approach to use. By that time, your visitor knows you’re there. So much for screening!

7. Smart Locks

Another nice accessory to have at your front door (and all doors) is a smart lock. Now, it might seem excessive to want to unlock your door from your smartphone when it is so easy to do it by hand. But the benefit is that you can unlock the door from anywhere. That can come in handy when the cable guy finally showed up but you had to run down the street for milk.

Smart locks also have other handy features. You can set individual codes for different people so as to track their comings and goings. Some smart locks even allow you to program windows of time where a particular code will work. Even cooler, some kinds allow you to set up a perimeter around your house. Once you leave the perimeter area, the door automatically locks.


With these 7 revolutionary inventions, you will enjoy the benefit of greater security and functionality at home and away. From the at-a-glance organizational details of your Glance Clock to better sleep afforded by the most advanced nightlight in the world, you’ll feel better right away.

The greater security and control afforded by smart doorbells and locks means worry about lost keys or getting caught by a door-to-door salesman is a thing of the past. With your new chair lift you will be able to decide whether to open the door in person or not! Even cleaning can happen with very little effort on your part.

So now that you know how much better your home can work for you, it’s time to start researching the best brands for you!