West End star called ‘c***’ for complaining about people not wearing masks on Tube

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A West End star was followed and threatened by a man calling her a ‘sl*g’ after she complained about people not wearing masks on the Tube.

Corrine Priest, who has starred in Les Miserables, posted a series of videos on Twitter showing a man following her and yelling abuse as she walked home. Met Police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

The exchange apparently began outside Hendon Tube on Friday after the stranger heard Corrine talking to her mum on the phone about people not wearing face coverings on the Underground.

Under coronavirus rules, it is mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport, with first-time offenders facing a fine of up to £200 unless they are exempt for a medical reason.

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In a Twitter thread, Corrine wrote: ‘Just got harassed, threatened and followed home because I told my Mum on the phone that people aren’t wearing masks on the tube. These narcissistic men will continue to do this & it is dangerous. I am upset for us. Outside Hendon tube.’

She continued: ‘I hung up on my Mum when he said “you do realise I’m getting someone to beat you up right now” so I thought, I better film this incase(?!!) I hate how scared how I was. I had to be submissive for my safety.’

Corrine said she was one ‘of thousands of women who go through this on a daily basis’ (Picture: Corrine Priest)

In the footage, Corrine can be seen wearing a face mask and talking to the camera, saying: ‘Someone is filming me, he’s following me. I don’t know what to do.’

A man’s incoherent voice can be heard in the background and she turns to him to say: ‘I don’t want any trouble’.

But the stranger can be heard shouting: ‘Apologise now’, to which Corrine replies that she is sorry.

However, the man does not relent and says: ‘You said some guy wearing a mask, did you say it or not? You didn’t directly do it to me no?’

The West End performer responds: ‘No I did not, not to you, no I promise I don’t want any trouble.’

The man says: ‘I ain’t threatening you yeah, but I’ve got people yeah if you want to mouth off like some rude girl.’

She said she was called a ‘c***’ by the man (Picture: Corrine Priest)

Corrine insists she was speaking to her mum on the phone and tells him: ‘It’s not okay and now you’re following me. I’d really appreciate if you don’t because it is quite intimidating.’

The stranger says: ‘Intimidating yeah? I am an intimidating person.’

Corrine responds: ‘And you called me a posh sl** and a c*** that’s unacceptable.’

The man replies: ‘Yeah well that’s exactly what you’re behaving like. You should mind your own business yeah. I heard you say the guy next to me ain’t got a mask or some b******.’

They continue to argue back and forth, with Corrine repeatedly telling the man that her comments were not directed at him but he continues to tell her that she should ‘mind her own business’.

Corrine tells him: ‘Don’t come and threaten me to say that you’re going to beat me up and follow me home.’

But he replies: ‘The world is my oyster. I can do whatever the f*** I want yeah. No one tells me what to do. I was rude because you were rude, it’s as simple as that.’

Asked by Corrine if he and his friend will beat her up, the man responds: ‘We can easily do that right now,’ despite claiming many times during the exchange that he does not threaten women.

In the wake of posting the videos online, Corrine wrote a statement thanking people for their support and that she was ‘overwhelmed by the kindness of people’.

She added: ‘Let us not forget and I cannot stress this enough that I am just one case of thousands of women who go through this on a daily basis.

‘I am one person who happened to get it on camera and decided to post it knowing I’d get trolls (lol) who knows if it was the right thing to do but I felt a responsibility. to spread awareness. And I’m glad I did. He did it because I was a woman; he did it because I was alone.

‘To the brave people that have shared their stories, I see you, I hear you and I’m sorry. I stand in solidarity with you. Do not allow these types of men to break your confidence’.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘Police received an online report on Friday, November 6.

‘A woman aged in her 20s reported that she had been harassed and threatened by a man near Hendon tube station at around 1.50pm that afternoon.

‘There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.’

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