American Horror Stories Trailer Brings the Terror with Danny Trejo as a Killer Santa

It’s arriving soon. American Horror Stories, the spin off anthology series based on the original anthology series, is almost upon us with the first two episodes set to arrive on Hulu on July 15, and we now have a better idea of which American Horror Story alums will be joining the newcomers to the franchise. Series regulars Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Matt Bomer, Naomi Grossman, and Charles Melton will return, as well as AHS stalwart Sarah Paulson on board as director of one of the episodes. Although it is not confirmed whether she will appear in front of camera. There were a couple of names that appeared in the new trailer released today that raised a few eyebrows and certainly caught the imagination.

The new series, which comes ahead of Season Ten of the mother series, is a collection of 16 stand alone stories, but just because there will not be a progressive narrative during this spin-off, that does not mean there won’t be a few familiar characters turning up, including the much teased “Rubber Man” monster that has been part of the series since its premier season, Murder House. The first four episode titles were released as Rubber (Wo)man Part 1 and Part 2, Drive In and The Naughty List.

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This last title, which is about a group of influencers who face a reckoning after posting a problematic video online, is particularly interesting as it is likely the episode that will see action movie icon, Machete star Danny Trejo making his American Horror Story debut as none other than Santa. If there is one thing certain, when Danny Trejo arrives as Santa, the one thing you do not want is to be on the naughty list because there is likely to be a number of body parts sent flying when he comes to town.

American Horror Stories trailer

The other new cast member to also have their character announced is Amy Grabow who is appearing as Tipper Gore. For those who don’t know, Tipper Gore is the wife of Al Gore, former Senator and Vice President of the US. While it is unclear which episode the character will be turning up in, there is a rumor that her episode will feature something along the lines of her crusade against heavy metal music with explicit song lyrics. Ryan Murphy previously said that each of the stories in this series will be looking at a certain piece of mythology or lore, so how that would all fit together is anyone’s guess, but AHS has never necessarily needed to make logical sense.

In addition to these, other new names to the franchise are Gavin Creel, Sierra McCormick, Ashley Martin Carter, Paris Jackson, Belissa Escobedo, Kaia Gerber, Aaron Tveit, Rhenzy Feliz, Madison Bailey, Kyle Red Silverstein, Dyllón Burnside, Nico Greetham, Kevin McHale, and Virginia Gardner. With sixteen episodes, the series will run through to Halloween, and has plenty of stories to tell between now and then. For those awaiting Season Ten of the main show, never fear as it will be arriving when American Horror Stories wraps up in October.

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