Ammika Harris Reveals How She Found Chris Brown’s Son When She Came Back From The Dentist [Pics]

Ammika Harris is completely in love with her baby boy, Aeko. Check out what she had to say about how she found her son, Aeko.

‘Came back from the dentist and found him like this,’ Ammika captioned her post.

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Someone said: ‘Lol lil man has been the highlight of my entertainment lately. He is full of so much energy and life if that makes sense.’

A commenter posted this: ‘I can’t with how fast he’s growing up right before our eyes 😩😭💙’ and a follower said: ‘I’m sorry girl but all you did was carry him😂😂😂😂 he is all his dad 😂😂😂 he stole his dads face.. hes so dang precious 😍❤️’

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One other fan posted this: ‘The cutest just like his mama ❤️❤️’

More people hopped in the comments and praised Aeko, saying that he looks just like his dad, Chris Brown .

The other day, we revealed that Ammika Harris just surprised her fans and followers on social media with this clip. Check out a detail that not too many people know about.

‘On repeat. These are my real glasses, like yo girl can’t see without them 🥺’ Ammika captioned her post.

In other news, Ammika Harris told fans that she gained some weight recently, and she also made sure to drop a pic for her fans on her social media account.

‘U know when you’ve heard “you gained weight” so many times a day, now u unsure if it’s a good or a bad thing 😂’ Ammika captioned her post.

Ammika is definitely living her best life these days and her fans and followers are here for it. Stay tuned for more news about her and her family.

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