An Aussie airline successfully tested the world’s first nonstop NYC–Sydney flight

Quantas airlines has completed the world’s first nonstop flight from New York to Sydney in a 19-hour, 16-minute journey that, if implemented, could change the way many world cities connect to the east coast of Australia. 

The flight’s passengers and flight crew were monitored by scientists at Sydney University, Monash University, and the Alertness Safety and Productivity Cooperative Research Centre, who hope to examine the effects of the world’s longest flight on sleep and health.

CNN reports that factors such as the cabin lighting, in-flight entertainment options, and a mid-flight exercise class were studied during the journey, as well as a close monitoring of the pilots’ brain waves. Now that the flight has landed, the passengers and crew will keep sleep journals for two weeks to study jet lag and other potential disturbances.  Read more…

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