Angelina Jolie Takes Brad Pitt to Court Over Their French Wine Business

Once seen as the premier A-lister couple, nicknamed “Brangelina”, superstar actor Brad Pitt and A-lister actress Angelina Jolie, once again find themselves in the news, for reasons related to their divorce, finalized in 2019. According to recently uncovered legal documents, Angelina Jolie has been trying to sell her interest in the ex-couple’s French wine business, Miraval Chateau Winery, two years after their very public divorce. However, due to a complication because of an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order, going into effect immediately after the couple’s divorce, she is unable to do so.

After almost two years, Angelina Jolie and her team announced that a third-party has shown interest in buying the establishment, and both parties have an agreement of sale and purchase, only for the ordeal to be hindered by an unexpected complication due to the divorce. It has been emphasized that “time is of the essence” as the buyer may withdraw from the whole operation at any given time. Jolie’s legal team alleges that the request was filed because Pitt’s attorney, Lance Spiegel, has failed to provide a response as to why they oppose lifting the Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders.

However, upon further dissection, it seems that this is not the first time such complications have arisen, as Jolie’s team made a similar request in late June, the documents state, but Hon. Judge Andrew Giza denied it for “lack of showing of immediate danger/irreparable harm or immediate loss/danger to property.” Thus, it seems that selling her interest in the wine business is an avenue that Jolie has been pursuing for quite some time, and months if not years in the making. Jolie being more than willing to sell her share, as said in a memo addressed to the court, Laurent Schummer, an attorney hired by Jolie says Jolie is “extremely desirous of closing the pending agreement for the sale.”

In what seems to be a new chapter of a long-standing ordeal, it was also communicated to the court that Jolie “does not want to jointly hold separate property assets with her ex-husband or be his unwilling and disregarded business partner.” However, a plus point in Jolie’s favor seems to be, if the rumors are to be believed is that she reportedly acquired Nouvel prior to her 2014 marriage to Brad Pitt, while both now own equal shares in the business.

With the star couple marrying each other in 2014, Jolie filed for divorce from the 57-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor in September 2016. The pair, who share six children, were legally declared single in 2019, though their divorce has yet to be finalized. However, Brad Pitt won joint custody of their kids in May as their bitter divorce battle rages on. It is reported that a hearing to address the issue is being held in September, according to documents acquired by Fox News. The hearing comes as an additional attempt to remove the ATROs, after previous asks were denied without explanation from Brad’s legal team. The Chauteau Miraval estate and winery in southern France that the company owns is also where the the couple held their wedding in August 2014. This was first reported at Fox News.

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