Apple’s iPhone weather app refuses to show 69 degrees

In this photo illustration a woman holds the new iPhone 12

Apple’s Weather app appears incapable of showing the number 69 (Picture: Getty)

Apple’s weather app refuses to say if the weather is 69 degrees Fahrenheit, rounding up or down to 70 or 68 instead.

While Twitter users have been quick to jump on the absence of the number 69, which has sexual connotations, the iPhone weather app also appears to have issues showing 65 or 71 degrees as well.

It’s unclear whether the numbers are deliberately missing from the app or it’s a rounding error, but when users click through to Weather.com, which provide’s Apple’s data, they find the correct number.

Metro.co.uk checked this ourselves by checking the weather in Los Angeles this morning. According to the BBC’s weather app on an Android phone it was 69 degrees Fahrenheit. On the iPhone, just 68 degrees.

The iPhone weather app (L) displays the temperature as 68 degrees while the BBC's app claims it's 69 degrees. (Metro.co.uk)

The iPhone weather app (L) displays the temperature as 68 degrees while the BBC’s app on Android (R) claims it’s 69 degrees. (Metro.co.uk)

Adding mystery to the error is that Apple’s home screen widgets also show the correct temperature.

One possible theory to the discrepancy is that Apple take the data from Weather.com in Celsius and converts it to Fahrenheit – converting 20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while 21 degrees Celsius turns to 69.8, or 70, degrees Fahrenheit.

Other Apple-owned weather apps, like Dark Sky, also show the missing numbers from Apple’s weather app.

Users hope that the discrepancy will be fixed in the newest iPhone operating system, iOS 15.

The biggest update in iOS 15 is coming to FaceTime, which in the wake of Covid-19 and the rise of apps such as Teams and Zoom, is now going to look and feel much more like those platforms.

FaceTime users will be able to schedule calls for the first time, and share links to join the virtual gatherings, links which will even enable Android and Windows users to join FaceTime calls via a web browser – another first.

The other big change is something Apple is calling ‘Focus’.

This takes the Do Not Disturb feature and allows users to customise it further, with new Focus themes which block out notifications from friends and family when switched to work mode, or shut out notes from colleagues when a user wants to spend quality time with loved ones.

Notifications have also been undated with a new ‘Summary’ tool, which will group certain, less-pressing alerts together as a collection and can be scheduled to come through when you’ve got more time to go through them.

Elsewhere, the Wallet app is expanding to now support house and hotel room keys, as well as office passes for the first time, so users can tap with their iPhone to enter.

iPhones around the world will receive the update in the autumn.

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