Arrow Star Stephen Amell Removed from Flight After Argument with His Wife

Stephen Amell, best known for his role as Oliver Queen on The CW’s Arrow, was recently removed from a flight. The actor got into a heated argument with his wife while on a flight waiting to depart from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California. Amell has addressed the issue, confirming that he was indeed removed from the flight in question. Though, he downplays the severity of the situation, saying he was not forcibly removed.

According to multiple reports, Stephen Amell and his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell, were in Austin attending the ATX Television Festival. The two boarded a Delta flight to return home. As the flight was waiting to depart, the altercation began. Amell reportedly was told to lower his voice several times by a flight attendant during the argument. Amell is also said to have appeared drunk during the incident. Though the actor has not addressed, specifically, if he was intoxicated or not at the time.

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After the requests to lower his voice were made, Stephen Amell was taken off of the flight. It is said that an air marshall and three flight attendants escorted him from the plane. Cassandra Jean Amell, however, remained on the flight and returned to L.A. A Delta spokesperson had this to say about the incident.

“Delta flight 966 on June 21 took a brief, eight minute departure delay after an unruly customer was deplaned from the aircraft prior to departure in Austin. The flight arrived ahead of schedule at Los Angeles International Airport.”

Following the news breaking on its own, Stephen Amell released a statement on Twitter confirming that he was taken off of the flight. However, he insists that he left on his own as soon as he was asked to do so. He also says that he lowered his voice when it was requested that he do so. His full statement reads as follows.

“My wife and I got into an argument Monday afternoon on a Delta flight from Austin to LA. I was asked to lower my voice and I did. Approximately 10 minutes later I was asked to leave the flight. And I did so immediately. I was not forcibly removed. I rebooked myself on a Southwest flight 2 hours later and traveled home without any further issue. I let my emotions get the better of me, end of story. Must be a slow news cycle.”

Stephen Amell became a breakout star on Arrow. The show, based on the iconic DC Comics hero Green Arrow, ran for eight seasons. It kicked off what is known as the ArrowVerse, which is still going strong on the network. During his time in the role, he also appeared on other DC shows such as Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. Amell is currently starring in the wrestling show Heels. He recently closed a deal to star alongside his brother in a sequel to the 2019 sci-fi movie Code 8. Some of his other credits include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and Hung. This news was previously reported by Page Six.

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