Artists Mash Up ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Bloodborne’ for Amazingly Horrific Imagery

As fun as the Super Mario series has been, you’d be lying if the thought of a “darker” Mario universe didn’t cross your mind at some point. Lucky for us, composer Alex Moukala recently gave us a glimpse of what that might be like musically with his remix of Super Mario 64‘s “Dire, Dire Docks”.

Of course, freelance illustrator David Romero took it one step further and created several illustrations of a Mario universe if it merged with Bloodborne‘s city of Yharnam. The result is pretty dark. Super Mario RPG, this is not.

While you’re at it, take a look at Romero’s other works, which are equally disturbing as they are awesome (love the Jack Skellington interpretation). Meanwhile, Alex has obviously done more than just a mashup of Bloodborne and Mario, so do check out his stuff, as well.