Baileys is launching a pina colada flavour for summer

A new flavour is here for the summer months (Picture: Baileys)

Baileys might be the perfect drink for Christmas time but the latest flavour screams summer.

Next month, the brand is launching a pina colada version – the original Irish cream mixed with flavours of tropical coconut and sweet pineapples.

Based on the traditional cocktail, which is usually made with rum, this drink gives another option for those who want something a little different.

‘It’s like summer in a bottle to enjoy at home, whatever the weather!,’ a spokesperson said.

The drink has just launched in the U.S. but the good news is that it will be available in the UK sometime in April.

Baileys hasn’t revealed more details on when exactly, where or how much it will cost but have said customers will be able to pre-order soon.

It is limited edition though so won’t be around forever.

The news was shared across social media and people said they were excited to try it.

One post by New Foods UK had over 6,900 comments.

One said: ‘Looks nice. Clock change next week, could sit out in the garden with a glass of that.’

Another added: ‘Oooooooooo I need some of this. Of course, being a limited edition, I can’t like it too much. I’ll drink it in a blase manner.’

Other’s weren’t so sure though.

‘Fact of the day. Baileys shouldn’t be messed with,’ someone commented.

‘Am I the only one slightly horrified by the prospect of this,’ another said.

‘No no no no no no…….just stop messing with it arghhhhhh,’ a third added.

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