Best gifts for gamers 2019: Consoles, accessories, new releases, and more

Shopping for a gamer sounds like it should be easy, but getting them the right gift can be a bit more complicated than you think. The good news: there’s so much to choose from. The bad news: there’s so much to choose from.

It’s even worse when you consider all the different kinds of gamers out there. From those who pledge allegiance to the PC crowd, to Nintendo purists, and everything in between, it isn’t easy finding just the right gift to add to their setup. But if you nail it, you won’t find anyone more grateful than a gamer.

When shopping for a gamer, first determine your desired price point. For most, you’ll be able to grab a couple games under $100 and call it a day. Accessories like controllers and charging docks are another great mid-range price option. The next step up will be things like gaming consoles or even a gaming laptop, which will run you at least a couple hundred dollars. If you’re looking to go all out and treat the gamer in your life to an epic gift, a brand new PC rig and setup could clock in at around $4,000.  Read more…

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