‘Black Ops Cold War’ will feature older ‘Call of Duty’ games

“Call of Duty” is one of the most popular gaming video games of all time. The first title of the series was released in October 2003 and the video game franchise is still going strong 17 years later. The game has gone through massive changes throughout its development and the upcoming title, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War,” does not even look similar to the first game released in the series.

Activision has had ups and downs with some of the games, but there is no doubt that shooting video games would not be the same without this series. The upcoming title has a nice surprise for players who had the opportunity to play older “Call of Duty” games, and it is going to bring back some nostalgic times and memories. It has been leaked that the next game will feature background music from older games and players will be able to pick the music they want to play in the lobby background, Essentially Sports has reported.

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