Cardi B Has The Perfect Response To Conservative Comedian Claiming ‘WAP’ Is More Read In Schools Than Dr. Seuss Books!

One comedian joked about the recent ‘cancellation’ of some Dr. Seuss books over their racist imagery and words by saying that schools are now more likely to include WAP lyrics than Dr. Seuss! As you can imagine, it did not take Cardi B long at all to clap back!

The post in question came from conservative comedian Tim Young and Cardi could not just ignore the absurdity of his comment.

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The tweet that came earlier today reads: ‘The lyrics to ‘Wet Ass P***y’ are more welcome in schools than Dr. Seuss books…just let it sink in for a minute.’

Well, Cardi did just that and she had the perfect answer!

‘When has a school made kids read the lyrics to WAP? I get it WAP might be a lil’ vulgar but stop comparing a sensual song to books with RACIST content! How can you not tell the difference? I see common sense ain’t that common.’

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And that was not all! Cardi went on to point out that the books no longer being published because of their racist imagery have not even been cancelled by the public but actually pulled out by the late author Theodore Geisel‘s Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

They apparently wished to protect his legendary legacy and no longer include those problematic books as part of it.

‘By the way Dr Seuss publishing company made that decisions to remove the books on their own. Black people aren’t the ones telling these companies to do things they think is ‘progressive.’ Black only ask for equal justice.’


Finally, her third tweet reads: ‘Conservatives been making viral tweets comparing WAP to banning of some of Dr. Seuss’ books as if there is any correlations between the two….I can DEFINITELY tell some of you ONLY read Dr. Seuss books cause ya mind lacks comprehension.’ Burn!

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