Caroline Crouch’s parents say granddaughter is keeping them going

The child Caroline Crouch left behind is helping her parents through their torment (Picture: Instagram/AP)

The heartbroken parents of Caroline Crouch say caring for their orphaned grandchild is the only thing keeping them going.

One-year-old Lydia was found crying next to her mother’s body after she was killed by her husband at their home near Athens, Greece.

The 20-year-old was married to Babis Anagnostopoulos, a pilot who told investigators she had been killed in an armed robbery at their home.

He later confessed to killing his wife after being presented with damning evidence, according to Greek police, and is awaiting trial for murder. 

Caroline’s father David told Mail Online how caring for the child she left behind is sustaining himself and wife Susan through their grief.

The 78-year-old said: ‘The comfort afforded to us by Lydia’s presence in the house is the one mitigating factor in this whole tragic affair.

‘But, I am not a young man and all of us are mortal. I have a deep-seated worry that I may not be able to provide for Lydia in those years when she may need the most support. 

Caroline Crouch and her child.

Caroline’s baby was found beside her when police officers discovered her body (Picture: Babis Anagnostopoulos/Instagram)
Her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos confessed to killing her after his elaborate cover story unraveled, Greek police claim (Picture: Babis Anagnostopoulos/Instagram)

‘My one aim right now is to give the very best life to the child of my wonderful daughter.’

The couple are seeking sole custody of baby Lydia but hold no ill will against the parents of the man who confessed to killing their daughter.

David said the baby needs ‘all the love she can get’ and that they have a ‘good relationship with Babis’ parents, particularly his mother’.

He added: ‘She telephones almost every day to ask about Lydia and, of course, she is quite free to visit whenever she chooses. 

‘However, as she used to teach at the local school, she is quite well known on the island and feelings are still running very high, as they are throughout Greece.

The pilot will stand trial for murder but Greek police they already have a confession (Picture: AP)

‘She, of course, is quite blameless but is being made to suffer for the sins of her son.’

They have already considered how they will tell Lydia what happened to her mum but say their focus now is ‘making sure that justice is done and ensuring that Caroline’s little daughter Lydia is brought up with all the advantages that we can give her and that the memories of her mother live forever’.

Babis Anagnostopoulos reportedly staged a robbery to cover up his crime – including tying himself up and strangling the family dog Roxy – before claiming armed intruders suffocated Caroline.

Caroline’s parents are seeking sole custody of her baby (Picture: Facebook)

His story unravelled when Greek police could find no trace of the gang he said had taken £13,000 in cash and mobile phone data showed his movements did not appear to match his story.

Detectives arrested him following a memorial service five weeks later which was attended by Caroline’s parents, who still had no idea he was the prime suspect.

David said: ‘When we came out of the chapel there were two strangers waiting outside.

‘Susan was overcome with grief at this point and Babis put his arms around her to comfort her. 

‘It was then that one of the strangers stepped forward and tapped Babis on the shoulder and identified himself as a policeman. 

‘I believe that at this moment Babis realised that the game was up.’

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