Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Rumored to Return in She-Hulk Disney+ Series

Check the clock because its rumor time, and this one is particularly exciting. The newest slice of Marvel gossip claims that Daredevil star Charlie Cox will appear in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk, and that not only will he reprise the role of Matt Murdock, but he will even suit up as the Man Without Fear.

While this is (very) far from a confirmation, the idea that the studio will use their Disney+ shows to reintroduce several of their characters from the now cancelled Netflix shows is something that has been reported several times over the last few months. This particular claim comes from popular YouTuber Grace Randolph, whose track record is something of a mixed bag, but still it is very exciting nonetheless. I can ALSO tell you that not only is #CharlieCox in #SheHulk but he’ll appear in costume as #Daredevil not just as Matt Murdock like in #SpiderManNoWayHome,” she claims. “When you see him, you’re gonna go crazy.”

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Daredevil fans have been waiting in anticipation to find out whether Charlie Cox will ever be brought back into the fray, and She-Hulk could be the perfect way back in for the beloved vigilante. The Disney+ series is set to star Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany as the titular character and will center on Jennifer Walters (played by Maslany), who is a lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner. Jennifer inherits Banner’s Hulk powers after receiving a blood transfusion from him but, unlike Bruce Banner, when she hulks out Jennifer can retain most of her personality, intelligence, and, crucially, emotional control.

With Walter’s job as a lawyer setting the tone for the series, there really is no excuse to not bring Matt Murdock into the picture, and no doubt audiences will be sat eagerly waiting for him to walk in during every courtroom and interrogation room scene.

Rumors of Charlie Cox’s return as Daredevil have been doing the rounds for some time, with recent claims (this newest one included) stating that he even has a role on the big screen in upcoming sequel Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has since added fuel to the fire saying, “Everything is on the board,” when discussing a possible comeback for Daredevil and the rest of The Defenders. “That’s one of the fun things about the comics is that characters would appear and disappear and come and go. All of it is inspiration for the future. There are some great characters and actors from those shows.”

Aside from Daredevil, there have also been ongoing rumors that Krysten Ritter too will reprise her role as Jessica Jones in She-Hulk, with her role as a private detective again slotting in nicely. If all that were not already enough, She-Hulk is also rumored to include the introduction of The Hulk’s son, Skaar, and the villainous team known as The Wrecking Crew.

Fans will likely have to wait a little while before knowing if there is any truth to any of thus, as She-Hulk does not yet have a Disney+ release date and is expected to debut on Disney+ sometime in 2022. This comes to us from Grace Randolph.

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