Philip Rivers blasts replay review after controversial interception

Philip Rivers, Colts

Indianapolis Colts Philip Rivers vocally expressed his disappointment when an incomplete pass he threw was changed to an interception by instant replay in their Week 9 encounter against the Baltimore Ravens:

“It’s gotten so jacked up about how the catch rule is,” Rivers said. “Nobody that’s played any amount of football or been around the game watched that and thought it was a catch, including the guy that dropped it. But you can slow it down to milliseconds and you can make it a technicality about three feet touched the ground, even though somebody that’s sitting back, watching, probably hasn’t thrown a football in his life gets to call it.”

In the third frame, Colts quarterback Philip Rivers threw a deep pass down the right sideline intended for receiver Marcus Johnson. Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters made a leaping catch near the midfield but the ball was knocked away as he fell to the ground, and the pass was ruled incomplete.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh challenged the play, asserting that Peters made the catch before fumbling the rock. After review, the officials ruled that Peters did have control of the football before it was knocked out of his hands. They overturned the call on the field and awarded Peters with the interception.

The former Washington product recorded his 30th interception in his 85th career game, joining Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Ed Reed as the only players to do so.

The controversial sequence served as a pivotal moment in the game as the Ravens followed the play with a 54-yard drive for a touchdown to take a 14-10 lead. The Lamar Jackson-led team never looked back and kept their foot on the pedal to finish the game on a 24-10 victory.

Philip Rivers can only look back and think of the possibilities had the call went in their favor. The 17-year veteran hopes to vent ire at the expense of the Tennessee Titans in Week 10’s Thursday Night Football.

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