Council officer beaten with a pole for trying to issue litter fine

Mohammed Nawaz hit the council officer while Raja Malik shouted abuse at him (Picture: West Midlands Police)

A council officer was battered with a wooden mop pole after he tried to issue a littering fine for throwing cigarette butts on the floor.

The entire assault was captured on video, showing the 35-year-old victim pleading to be left alone and promising to leave as he was chased and beaten. 

Footage shows the council officer calmly confronting some women about throwing cigarette butts out of a car in Birmingham on August 12 last year. 

He identifies himself as a Dudley enforcement officer and says: ‘I do need to speak to you both. The cigarettes that you both chucked out the car window. It is s littering offence.’ 

Then Raja Malik, 30, comes out and asks the women what happened. 

Mohammed Nawaz holding a wooden pole. Mohammed Nawaz and Raja Malik have been handed suspended jail sentences for assaulting a Dudley council worker while they were trying to issue a littering fine in Birmingham.

The council worker was hit so hard the wooden pole snapped when it hit him (Picture: SWNS)
Police had to kick the door in to identify Malik and Nawaz (Picture: SWNS)

He tells the council officer: ‘Everybody throws cigarettes. Where does it say that you can’t throw cigarettes outside?’. 

The two begin arguing and then Mohammed Nawaz, 50, joins in and starts squaring up the officer. 

Despite the women trying to hold Nawaz back, both men get increasingly violent. 

The officer says he is going to call the police and he is threatened with: ‘You call the police and I’ll f***ing take your head off’. 

Malik shouts: ‘Get the f**k off my property you white mother f****r’. 

Eventually Nawaz hits the officer with a wooden broom pole, so hard that it snaps into several pieces. 

The officer starts running away and shouts: ‘Look, I’m going’. 

Raja Malik, 30, admitted assault and racially aggravated assault (Picture: SWNS)
Mohammed Nawaz, 50, admitted assault and possession of a deadly weapon (Picture: SWNS)

Police went to arrest the thugs on August 30 but officers had to kick the door in to get into the house. 

Bodycam footage shows Malik filming the cops from inside his house before telling Inspector Sandhu that he will have to kick the door in to get inside. 

There are several men inside the home but the police identify Malik and Nawaz and arrest them. 

On May 27, Wolverhampton Crown Court ordered both men to pay £500 in compensation and handed them both nine-month prison sentences, suspended for two years. 

Malik admitted assault and racially aggravated assault along with Nawaz who admitted assault and possession of an offensive weapon.

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