Brett Favre is baffled by Cowboys’ struggles under Mike McCarthy

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The Dallas Cowboys have mightily struggled in the first season under Mike McCarthy, prompting some to question his job security moving forward. Brett Favre, who played under McCarthy on the Green Bay Packers, is perplexed by the Cowboys’ struggles this season.

“I’m a little bit baffled because Mike’s pretty good at handling players and dealing with issues,” Favre said Wednesday on SiriusXM NFL radio. “Is he perfect? No one is. I think maybe, part of the problem is he’s pretty stubborn and strong-minded and a disciplinarian, but not in a way, it’s not like going to the principle. He’s just got that tough Pittsburgh mentality, which is where he’s from. Maybe the group of guys that they have, the core group that you count on, maybe are not guys that take coaching very well. I don’t know.

Coming into the season, the Cowboys were viewed as the favorites in the weak NFC East division. Unfortunately, everything that could have gone wrong for Dallas, has gone wrong to begin the season.

First and foremost, Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury and the Cowboys are now set to start Ben DiNucci on Sunday night versus the Philadelphia Eagles. DiNucci is a rookie seventh-round pick that will make his first career start due to Andy Dalton sustaining a concussion in last week’s lopsided loss to the Washington Football Team.

But even when Prescott was playing, the defense of the Cowboys allowed a plethora of points and that hasn’t changed with him being sidelined. Even though Favre is a believer in McCarthy, he’s confused as to why Dallas hasn’t been able to perform well in 2020.

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