Dead by Daylight Teases Chapter 18’s New Killer

It appears as though it’s almost time once again for a new Dead by Daylight Chapter to be announced and released with Behaviour Interactive now teasing Chapter 18. Like pretty much every Chapter before it, the teases have begun with a cryptic message, a brief video showing off what’s definitely going to be the newest Killer to join the game, and endless speculations from players as to who or what the new Killer might be.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the teaser for the new Killer below. It focuses heavily on a wooded area at first accompanied by some strange noises that sound like they’re coming from something halfway between a human and an animal. It ends with the only motion in the video being an arm that suddenly comes up attached to what looks to be a clawed hand that then comes down on whoever the victim is to do what the Killer does best.

That’s not much to go off of, but then again, Dead by Daylight teasers never really are. They’re typically a slow drip of information about the Killers and Survivors coming each Chapters that start this way, but the good news about the way these teasers work is that it rarely takes much time after a Chapter is teased for its contents to be fully revealed.

That timeframe also gives the community plenty of opportunities to speculate about what might be coming in the Chapters. Based on whatever’s shown in the teasers, the guesses first get divided into two categories: Original or licensed content. Dead by Daylight’s last Chapter was an original one and the one before that was licensed with the release of the Silent Hill content, but the game’s creators have already said the game has an “unwritten ratio” for going back and for the between the two types of Chapters, so it’s impossible to say for sure from what we know whether this will be licensed or original. It’s always safer to lean towards the idea of it being original content so that players aren’t disappointed when their horror icon wishlists aren’t fulfilled, but we’ll know soon enough when Behaviour Interactive has more to share on the matter.