Demi Lovato Says That People’s Choice Awards Have ‘Always Meant The Most’ To Her As She Gets Ready To Host The Show – Here’s Why!

This Sunday, the 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards is set to take place and Demi Lovato is super excited to host the event! That being said, the singer opened up about this gig and what the awards show means to her in general while a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The star told the host that ‘I’m pretty excited you know, I don’t feel like there is too much at stake. it comes to the National Anthem or the Super Bowl there is a little bit more pressure than hosting an awards show. Just because if you mess up the lyrics than people come after you as an American.’

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Demi Lovato still stressed that she was pretty nervous even though there is not as much to worry about.

As a result, she proceeded to ask the host for some valuable advice since he is so much more experienced than her in the field.

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‘I am still nervous, like don’t get me wrong. Hosting is not my first language so to speak. Singing is. So if you have any tips, please let me know because I know you’ve done a ton of hosting yourself including this talk show,’ Demi asked.

Sure enough, Seth Meyers was happy to help her out but not before praising her by saying that she will definitely do a better job hosting than he would do singing the national anthem.

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The fun tip was mostly meant to calm Demi’s nerves than anything else, since he advised her to think about that at any point she might feel nervous about the hosting job.

Demi then revealed why this particular awards show has always mean a lot to her.

She said in part that ‘This is up to the people, and in fact, this has always been the award show that has always meant the most to me because they are the ones who get to vote. This is up to the people, and that’s what this year has been about listening to the people.’


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