Demi Moore Shares Bikini Selfie While on Vacation, Proving She’s Still Got Her G.I. Jane Abs

Demi Moore and her young Willis women have been vacationing and sharing pictures of breathtaking Grecian landscapes in the foreground of their statuesque selfies while they soak up the sun. Today, Demi Moore posted a pic showing she could still stand up to Viggo Mortensen’s training ala G.I. Jane with her abs of steel. Captioned, “Getting ready for another day in paradise.” You can check out Demi Moore’s latest bikini selfie as shared on Instagram.

Demi Moore is currently working on writer/director Amanda Kramer’s new feature. Please Baby Please is the story of newlyweds Suze and Arthur who, after witnessing a murder in the gritty streets of a surreal 1950s Manhattan, become the dangerous obsession of a greaser gang that awakens a sleeping quandary about the couple’s sexual identity. The Ladyworld creator has cast Demi Moore alongside Harry Melling, Karl Glusman, Ryan Simpkins, Karim Saleh, Jake Choi, Jaz Sinclair and Andrea Riseborough. It is being shot in Demi’s home away from home, Montana.

Demi has been spending a lot of time with her daughters this year. They chronicled their pandemic lockdown and now Demi and her three daughters are the faces of Andie Swimwear. Demi, Rumer Willis, Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis can be seen all posing together for the swimwear line, and it looks like they are putting their suits to use.

This one on Tallulah looks like the one Demi is sporting. It’s mix and match!

Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between today’s selfie and her Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle black bikini shot from 2003.

Demi Moore has also crossed over from voicing the main character on the podcast ‘Dirty Diana’ to starring and executive producing an Amazon series of the same name. The drama focuses on a businesswoman who runs an erotic website on the side that features women opening up about their sexual fantasies. While handling her X-rated side hustle, the titular Diana (Moore) is also saving her crumbling marriage and coping with anxiety. The audio series is loosely based on an incident from creator Shana Feste’s marriage and explores how two partners can find their way back to one another with perseverance, connection and sex. The podcast’s goal is to portray sex and longing from a female gaze.

Feste says, “I wrote this from a very personal space when I had no sex in my life with my husband. And that was one of the loneliest, hardest places that I’ve been in in my entire life.” No release date has been set.

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