Donald Trump defends some US Capitol rioters saying they posed ‘zero threat’

Donald Trump was cleared of inciting a riot during his impeachment trial earlier this year (Pictures: Rex/EPA)

Former US president Donald Trump has defended some of his supporters who rioted at the Capitol last month by saying they posed ‘zero threat’.

He made the comments in an interview with Fox News last night and praised rioters who ‘went in hugging and kissing the police and the guards’, despite five people dying during the insurrection.

While he did acknowledge that those who stormed the Capitol ‘went in and they shouldn’t have done it’, Trump did say the actions on January 6 posed ‘zero threat, right from the start’.

Speaking to Fox News’ Laura Ingram, Trump added that law enforcement officers were guilty of ‘persecuting’ the Capitol rioters, while ‘nothing happens’ to left-wing protesters.

Five people, including a police officer, sadly died during the violent riots that happened after Trump encouraged his supporters to ‘fight like hell’ in the final days of his presidency.

The Capitol came under attack as lawmakers had assembled there to certify the Electoral College vote to confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential race.

So far more than 300 people have been charged in connection with the riot. and authorities have said they could charge 100 more for their involvement.

In the interview with Fox News, Trump said: ‘It was zero threat, right from the start it was zero threat. Look, they went in, they shouldn’t have done it.

Trump’s supporters rioted at the US Capitol on January 6 (Picture: EPA)

‘Some of them went in, hugging and kissing the guards, they had great relationships. A lot of them walked in and walked out and they’re (law enforcement) persecuting a lot of those people.’

The attack at the Capitol followed a fiery Trump rally outside the White House in which he urged a group of his supporters to ‘fight’ for him at the Capitol. The following week, the House of Representatives impeached Trump for a second time, but the Senate eventually acquitted him of inciting the attack.

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