Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Gives Us Young Videl

It’s amazing to think that Dragon Ball has been around for decades, with Dragon Ball Z’s end eventually allowing Dragon Ball Super to rise, and one of the character that was introduced in the latter half of Dragon Ball would become insanely important, with Videl marrying Gohan, the son of Goku, and giving birth to Pan, one of the stars of the Grand Tour! One cosplayer made some amazing cosplay that brings back the days of Videl’s first appearances, where she was attempting to decipher the true identity of the superhero by the name of the Great Saiyaman!

Currently, Videl has hung up her gloves and leave the world of fighting behind her, instead focusing on her role as the mother of Pan. The irony of Videl has always been who her father was, in that her dear old Dad is the comic relief character of Mr. Satan. Far surpassing her father’s strength thanks in part to the training that she underwent with Gohan, Videl even discovered the ability to fly, though she wasn’t going blow for blow with any Super Saiyans throughout the course of the franchise. Though Videl is no longer front and center, she remains a key part of Akira Toriyama’s world!

Instagram Cosplayer Tiara Bree Cosplay shared this impressive take on the early years of Videl, long before she settled down with Gohan and made Mr. Satan his father in law:


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Bam! I did a look! ? Videl is a quick closet cosplay I did so I can get my mojo back since I wasn’t feeling well all week ? BUT I got my creative juices flowing again so I’ll post some goodies in the next few days ??? Who’s your fav character from Dragon Ball Z!?!? . DBZ was literally the first anime I watched before I knew it was anime lol. I just thought it was a cartoon I watched when I was little, like Tom and Jerry ? I have SOOOOO many more dbz cosplays I want to do! ? . Day 17 of #31daysofhalloween (I know I’m behind lol) . #mycosbae #tiarabreecosplay #dragonballz #dragonballsuper #dragonball #dbz #dbzmems #dbzcosplay #videl #videlcosplay #videldbz #halloween #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #halloweencosplay #closetcosplay #costest #cosplayer #blackcosplayer

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