Emma Thompson got George Michael’s blessing for ‘Last Christmas’ before he died

George Michael was a national treasure. That’s why it was imperative to get his blessing before making a movie inspired by one of his most famous songs — “Last Christmas,” by Wham!.

Emma Thompson told Jimmy Fallon that once she and her husband Greg Wise had worked on the story and film treatment, they sent it to George Michael. “I met him and he was just the loveliest guy you can imagine,” said Thompson.

“All of these themes in the movie — he was passionate about homelessness, he had this great social conscience, and he was so lovely, and I got really enthused and we started to write and then, of course, he had that tragic early death, 2016 Christmas,” she continued. The movie Last Christmas — starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding — features 15 of George Michael’s songs.  Read more…

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