Emmerdale spoilers: Has Charles killed Ethan’s mum?

What’s really happened to Ethan’s mum? (Pictures: ITV)

Sometimes in soaps, small scenes often hint at a huge storyline for characters, and when it comes to Charles (Kevin Mathurin) and Ethan Anderson (Emile John) in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, their scenes have certainly hinted at drama on the way for them.

The biggest thing we’ve learnt about Charles since his arrival is that he used to be in a relationship with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), and was under the impression that she had died up until he saw her in the village again.

Viewers learnt a little more about Charles and Ethan’s past in tonight’s instalment of the ITV soap. As Charles declined a drink with Andrea (Anna Nightingale) because he was spending time with Ethan, his son didn’t look impressed. Firstly, he wasn’t exactly pleased Charles said no to the drink with Andrea, and secondly, he said how the two of them always dread today, leaving many questioning what exactly has happened to the Andersons.

Later on in the episode, Charles and Ethan were in the pub, and we discovered it was Charles’ birthday, which also happened to be the same day Ethan’s mother disappeared.

‘Dramatic’ was the word Charles called Ethan when he said his mum disappeared from his life, but Ethan reminded Charles that his mum upped and left him, and he hadn’t seen her since, a.k.a a strong example of disappearing.

As Ethan and Charles recalled the day, Ethan mentioned how he never heard any argument between his mum and his dad on the day, to which Charles reminded his son that he was in bed when everything happened.

Charles told Ethan that there actually wasn’t any rows, but instead Ethan’s mother made a decision to leave.

We learnt also that Charles’ partner did phone, but Ethan couldn’t remember any of the phone calls. Stopping any further questions, Charles changed the subject, reminding Ethan today was a day to celebrate.

Ethan’s suspicions certainly rose during these scenes, but could this lead to him making contact with his mother?

If Charles’ finds out what Ethan is doing, how will he react?

There’s certainly a pattern emerging with Charles being quite the ladies’ man, but is there a darker side to the charming vicar?

Has he killed Ethan’s mum?

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