Emmerdale spoilers: Wild sex drama revealed for Mackenzie and Aaron

Mackenzie proved just how resourceful he was, leaving Aaron speechless (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is nothing if not resourceful, and he certainly proved such a thing tonight, as he stripped off his clothes in order to make it look like he and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) were about to have wild sex.

The newcomer was left with little choice but to improvise, after he and Aaron were stopped by the police while transporting stolen 4K TVs.

Mackenzie had seemingly scarpered at the first sign of trouble, leaving Aaron to try to explain to the policeman why exactly he’s stopped at the side of the road.

The copper failed to buy his excuses and, wanting answers, he demanded a peek inside the van, leaving Aaron out of options but to comply with the request.

Mack, however, came to his rescue, as he emerged from the back of the van in nothing but his underwear!

‘You ready, honey?’ he exclaimed, before feigning shock at the policeman’s presence.

Mackenzie in Emmerdale

Mackenzie left little to the imagination, as he popped out from behind the van without most of his clothes (Picture: ITV)
Aaron was left in shock, as Mack claimed that they were attempting to have sex outdoors (Picture: ITV)

Aaron, struggling to process the sight before him, was left completely and utterly speechless, but his embarrassment went through the roof when Mack explained the reason as to why he had no clothes on.

‘We pulled over,’ Mackenzie started, ‘because we wanted to try… it… outside. Al fresco!’

In other words, he told the policeman that he and Aaron wanted to have sex outdoors!

Aaron couldn’t quite believe Mack’s tale of passion, but, with no other options available, he ultimately went along with it.

The plan, however, didn’t actually work, as the copper demanded that they open the back of the van.

Mackenzie, once again thinking on his feet, had actually prepared for such an eventuality, as he was able to provide the officer with an invoice for the stolen TV’s, before sending him on his merry way!

Aaron questioned Mack’s actions, reminding him that if he had an invoice then there was no need for the outdoor sex drama.

Mack, however, disagreed, telling Aaron that he wanted to give him a ‘thrill’, before commenting that it evidently worked!

Oh, Mack.

Emmerdale continues Friday March 26 at 7pm on ITV.

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