Encanto Trailer Reveals Disney’s New Animated Adventure About a Magical House

Encanto is an animated musical fantasy comedy film that will be theatrically released by Walt Disney Pictures on November 24, 2021. Byron Howard and Jared Bush serve as directors, the screenplay is by Bush and Charise Castro Smith, it is produced by Clark Spencer, and the songs are written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda, best known for his work on Hamilton, previously worked on Moana, and in Encanto. There will be eight original songs in both Spanish and English.

In Spanish, “encanto” means charm or spell, meaning that, like many Disney films, this one will be full of enchantment and magic. As the 60th film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, this fantasy film will center around the Madrigals, a family in an enchanted town in Colombia. Every child in the family has a special gift, such as super strength and the power to heal … except for one, Mirabel. Portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz, she discovers that the magic of her home is under threat and that she may be the only one who can save it.

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Other characters will include: Juana, a supporting character in her mid-40s; Ines, the golden child of the family, who is in her early 20s; Lydia, a jock in her early 20s; Fernando, a supporting character in his late 40s; Carlos, a 15-year old boy who is Mariana’s enemy; and Andrea, the 75-year-old matriarch of the Madrigal family (via The DisInsider).

On July 7, the official Twitter page of Walt Disney Animation Studios revealed a poster for Encanto, and the following day, the first trailer was released. The poster shows the inside of the Madrigals’ home, with vines and flowers on the walls and a door that is cracked open a bit. Disney movies are not complete without cuddly creatures and furry friends, so the poster also features a toucan, a macaw, and a capybara.

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The trailer invites audiences into the exceptional, fantastical, and magical Casa Madrigal, providing a closer look at these gifted characters and this charming setting. And while Mirabel, who does not possess a special power, is a central character, Encanto focuses on the entire family.

“One of the things that we really kind of all talked about – all the creators, Charise and Byron and Jared and I – we were like, ‘We really want to tell a family, an intergenerational family story with all the complexity that brings,'” Miranda said. “So often, when you get into story mode, it turns into the hero and the quest, and you lose characters, then you lose complexity because everything becomes the quest. And I think what’s been thrilling about this is, since that’s been our mission statement, it’s been really fun to sort of write, you know, musical family dynamics in a really fun and complicated way. I’m really excited for the world to finally see it.”

Coming this fall, this animated musical fantasy comedy film will be released in theaters, meaning it is the first major animated Disney movie not to go right to Disney+ since cinemas shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Encanto poster #1
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