Facebook tests anti-extremism prompts in latest attempt to curb hate

Facebook says the alerts are part of wider efforts to counter extremism (Credits: Chesnot/Getty Images)

Facebook is testing out prompts it hopes will help crack down on extremist content.

One prompt asks users if they’re concerned someone they know is becoming an extremist, according to CNN. A second warns users they may have seen extremist content.

The alerts then direct users towards a page offering support.

For now, the prompts are only being trialled among some users in the US.

Facebook declined to clarify if the prompts would be rolled out in the UK, but Metro.co.uk understands this is not currently expected.

A company spokesperson said the test was part of the firms ‘larger work to assess ways to provide resources and support to people on Facebook who may have engaged with or were exposed to extremist content, or may know someone who is at risk.’

The firm also says it’s partnering with charities and academics to improve its efforts.

Facebook currently runs a ‘Redirect’ initiative, which redirects hateful and violent search terms towards resources designed to combat extremism.

And last year, it signed up to the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’: an agreement between Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter to combat the spread of terrorist content following a deadly attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019, according to tech publication The Verge.

But the new prompts have polarised social media users, with some claiming the alerts are too little, too late, and others accusing the company of fuelling ‘cancel culture’.

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