Faye Dunaway Joins Kevin Spacey in The Man Who Drew God, First Poster Arrives

The Man Who Drew God will mark the reintroduction of Kevin Spacey into the Hollywood sphere. And it has yet to be seen if the actor will be received back into the fold after a nearly 5 year ostracism. It’s hard to read the room, though news of Faye Dunaway joining the project leans toward a tentative re-entry. But it is because of the newly vacated Vanessa Redgrave, that the part was available.

Director Franco Nero’s wife, the actor Vanessa Redgrave, was originally believed to be appearing in the film, and received social media backlash regarding her starring role alongside Spacey, who has never publicly acknowledged the multiple allegations against him. Shortly after being linked with the project, Redgrave’s reps issued a statement distancing the actor from the project.

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The Man Who Drew God producer Louis Nero has confirmed to Variety that Faye Dunaway will be playing the role Redgrave had been rumored to play. “She plays an old Breille teacher who is an old friend of the blind protagonist played by Nero and taught him how to read,” he said. “It’s the role that Vanessa Redgrave was meant to have. Vanessa isn’t up to traveling anymore.”

The director describes the film as, “The rise and fall of a blind artist who has the extraordinary gift of making true-to-life portraits just by listening to human voices, and of becoming a TV-junk star. A fable on the need to rediscover the miraculous power of dignity in a world where media’s noise has solved the problem of man’s imperfection simply by removing the problem itself.”

A poster for the new film, called l’uomo che disegnò Dio in Italian, premiered during the Cannes Film Festival this week, with Kevin Spacey given prime position on the poster and second billing in the credits after Nero. The film tells the story a blind artist who can draw people from their voice and is wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child. Also starring are Robert Davi (Die Hard) and Stefania Rocca (The Talented Mr. Ripley).

According to the Nero, shooting finished last week and the litmus test is expected to be ready by September. Despite doubts over whether Hollywood is ready to welcome back the disgraced actor, Louis Nero was confident the film would sell. “We have plenty of interest from buyers around the world,” he said. “All the controversy around the film has generated plenty of interest…It was good for the film, from my point of view.”

We’ll have to see just what kind of interest Spacey’s involvement will bring to the film. For Kevin Spacey’s alleged victims, it generates interest in things they would much rather forget. “It’s definitely a pain in the ass every time he does something that becomes a story,” said one individual, who claims he was groped by Spacey in London in 2007. Speaking to Variety on condition of anonymity, he explained that each time Spacey hits the news, he is flooded with interview requests.

“In most other similar circumstances in society, there’s an element of contrition required before you reintegrate. That hasn’t existed at all. Instead, what we’ve had is bloody creepy Christmas messages every year,” the person said, referring to the annual homemade videos Spacey has taken to posting every December on YouTube for the last three years. We should see by the end of summer whether the world is ready for a Spacey return.

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