First Loki Post-Credit Scene Brings a Big Reveal, But Who Is It Exactly?

Loki has been a twisty and turning ride so far, and as the fourth episode ended with revelations and confrontations, there was finally a post credit scene to be enjoyed after the first part of the credits. While the main program dealt with a number of questions such as who are the Time Keepers, what is really going on with the TVA and is it possible that Loki could be falling in love with a variation of himself, it was the end scene that answered a question that fans have been asking since casting was announced. Who will Richard E Grant be playing in the series? Well, along with spoilers, all is revealed…sort of.

By the end of Episode 4, The Nexus Event, the Time Keepers had finally made an appearance, and been dispatched with when it turned out they were androids, Owen Wilson’s Mobius had seemingly been taken out himself, and Loki was also sent off to his supposed demise after being “pruned” by Judge Renslayer, leaving Sylvie to demand that she be told everything from the Judge. Of course, that means we have to wait until next week for that information…or possibly even the finale considering there is something else to be explained thanks to the post credit scene that followed.

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In the scene, Loki was seen lying on the floor, believing himself to be dead, when a voice said, “Not yet, but you will be if you don’t come with us.” At this point, he looked up to find what appeared to be three other Loki variants, one played by DeObia Oparei, who is carrying what looks like a shambolic version of Thor’s Mjolnir, one played by Jack Veal as a young Loki variant carrying a horned lizard, and finally, Richard E Grant as their apparent leader Loki, looking like he would not be out of place in DC’s 1960s Batman series, and certainly older than any previous Loki seen so far.

What this means in terms of the show is that it looks like those being “pruned” by the TVA, which now includes Loki and Mobius, are most likely not dead but actually being sent to what could be some kind of alternate reality where they cannot influence or mess with the ever-mentioned “Sacred Timeline”. What we now need to question is exactly how many Lokis and other are actually there? We have seen a number of “prunings” so far, and can only guess how many more there have been, so rather than Planet Hulk, we could be about to treated to Planet Loki. That probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Tom Hiddleston recently spoke about how episodes four and five were the biggest of the series, and while he did not explain how, I think it is fair to say that he was not wrong about episode four. With an appearance of Asgard and a cameo by Thor character Lady Sif, as well as a now bigger question of just who is running the TVA and why, there is certainly enough to keep fans coming back for the penultimate episode next week. With growing viewer numbers for each episode, the Loki finale in two weeks’ time is going to be huge.

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