Games Inbox: Will there still be a Switch Pro?

Nintendo Switch OLED

What comes after the Switch OLED? (pic: Nintendo)

The Tuesday Inbox agrees that $1.5 million for Super Mario 64 is a bit too much, as one reader hopes for a new Onimusha game.

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No more rumours
So now that we’ve all recovered from the surprise reveal of the Nintendo OLED I’m going to ask the obvious question, which everyone seem to be avoiding: will there still be a Switch Pro next year or after? Those rumours seemed pretty certain about extra power and at some point there has to be something new. The Switch can’t go on forever and while Nintendo said they wanted the Switch to last 10 years even the Game Boy got a mid-generation upgrade.

And yet I still can’t bring myself to say that it’s a dead cert or anything close to it. I have literally no idea what Nintendo are planning to do and I don’t believe anyone else has. What I’d love to know though is whether that includes them? Is there some secret plan that’s continuing on like clockwork, as we speak, or do they basically just wing everything? I have a feeling it’s the second option.

Now what we know they had no secret plan to celebrate Donkey Kong and Mario’s 40th anniversary I don’t see how anyone can ever claim to have any reliable inside knowledge about them again. Donkey Kong seemed super obvious, there were rumours about it, and… nothing. As far as I’m concerned Nintendo rumours are pointless, no matter who they come from.

Gains and losses
It’s been said before but why is EA so committed to acting in the scummiest way possible at every possible opportunity? I’m not surprised in the latest to find out they’re going to charge to upgrade FIFA 22, as if they’re not making enough money from it already. I actually wouldn’t mind so much if this sort of thing was happening with a little indie developer who needs the money, but what does EA gaining from being 1% more rich and having everyone hating them even more?

I’m going to predict that, just like Battlefront 2, the whole thing will be reversed before the game comes out in October and all they’ll have got out of the whole thing is an even worse reputation. Seriously, wouldn’t they have had much more to gain from everyone thinking they were generous? It seems unlikely, I know, but they could give it a go just for a change of pace, surely?

Gravity rush
There’s been a lot of negativity towards Bethesda lately, which I think a lot of is to do with the admittedly obscene amount of money Microsoft paid for them. But I for one am really looking forwards to Starfield and appreciate that it is both a new IP and a sci-fi game, which we don’t tend to get for open world games.

My big hope is that it’s something more realistic though. A lot of the artwork so far looks relatively realistically, as if it’s the real world but just a few hundred years in the future. There’s no sign of aliens or magic or any of the usual tropes. Just spaceships and cities.

I do hope that different planets have different gravity though. There’s so much about the realism of space that would make for a good game but they never do it. Low gravity, zero gravity, dangerous atmospheres… there’s so much that could be done rather than just having a desert planet, an ice planet, and so on.

I have no idea if that’s the angle they’re going for but I hope it’s something unique that justifies being a new franchise. I’m excited to learn more.

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Marvellous idea
Saw Black Widow at the weekend and thought it was okay. Terrible use of Taskmaster and generally weak villains but otherwise I liked it, definitely above average for Marvel – especially Florence Pugh, who I have previously never heard of but am now deeply in love with.

Despite the villain problem it occurred to me later that this would be a very easy character to make work as a video game, since it’s basically a wackier James Bond type of spy thing (you know, in the sense that nobody really does any actual spying). I’ve played Avengers and until I just looked it up I’d honestly forgotten whether Black Widow is even in the game (she is) so I think it’s fair to say more could be done.

I guess the obvious reason nobody’s done a game till now is that she didn’t have a film until this year and she doesn’t have any superpowers but I agree with the idea that it’s the more obscure characters that need games not the big ones. Avengers can’t get any more popular so a game is kind of pointless, but a Black Widow game and a Hawkeye one and Ant-Man all seem more interesting to me.

Don’t forget
Quick update on my ongoing struggle to gain access to my Xbox account. I’m baaaaaack! With literally zero help from Microsoft, who just palmed me off onto my ISP and don’t have anything to do with accounts for Microsoft, Netflix, etc., etc.!

I just entered every conceivable variation of my two, maybe three, passwords and I eventual found the right one. You know what they say… throw enough muck at the wall and eventually some will stick. Yeah, that was me all night and yesterday! Safe to say I’ve now got a Post-it Notes slapped on top of the Xbox with all the details on it.
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Static shelving
I don’t understand any part of that Super Mario 64 story. It sold for $1.5 million?! For an ordinary copy of the game that just hadn’t been opened yet? I refuse to believe, for the sake of my own sanity, that there is anyone in the world that has easy access to that sort of money and can’t find anything better to spend it on. It’s actually offensive to me!

What I admit does interest me though is the question of what happens to physical games once everything is digital. People are even less likely to keep copies hanging around the house nowadays so even mass-produced games like Super Mario 64 are going to get harder and harder to find.

I have a large collection of games from various generations but I realised recently that my shelves are basically going to be like that forever, because nothing is ever going to be added. But what do I do? Accept it’s never going to change or just put everything in boxes and use the space for something else? So odd to think that a generation or two ago I was still buying everything regularly in a box and now I don’t even know what a PlayStation 5 box looks like.

Nothing scheduled
So, once the new Ace Attorney is out this month is that the last game Capcom currently has scheduled at the moment? I guess that hack must have messed up their plans pretty bad because there’s no way they haven’t got more underway.

I wonder what it is though and if we’ll see it this year? I’d guess not, given we’re already into July. But they do like their early spring releases so maybe a reveal at the Tokyo Game Show? I’m still pulling for that new Onimusha game that was rumoured, but I’m not sure I’d say I was exactly confident about it.

GC: There’s Resident Evil 4 VR on Oculus Quest sometime this year and Pragmata in 2023 but that’s all we know about officially at the moment.

Good guys and bad guys
Clearly Microsoft have a massive financial advantage over the competition, and it seems their offer of free game upgrades to the Xbox Series S/X has become a genius ploy. They take a small hit in revenue but they’re made to look like the good guys. Any other publisher now has to follow suit or face the wrath of entitled gamers who think free upgrades are a god given right.

Even Eurogamer, who I thought was a respectable site, has written a sensationalist article about FIFA 22:

‘The new system means anyone who buys the £59.99 standard edition of FIFA 22, either physically or digitally, for last gen consoles has to then buy the £69.99 PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S version at full price if they eventually get hold of one of the coveted next-gen consoles. That would amount to an astonishing £130.’

What kind of logic is that?
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Inbox also-rans
Thank you John Atkinson for the useful info on the hidden feature on the PC Engine Mini. On another topic, just a short message to say that Symphonia is free on GOG currently, here is the link.
Andrew J.

I don’t care about Psychonauts 2 but if there’s a difficult setting in Elden Ring then I predict a riot. I would imagine not though.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Futterman, who asks what game are you must frustrated that you don’t enjoy?

Are there are any games or franchises that you’ve tried to play but you just couldn’t get into? What exactly was the issue, and did you try the game because it seemed like something you’d like, because it reviewed well, or for some other reason?

Did you try and force yourself to enjoy the game and how much time did you spend playing it? How often are your expectations of a new game confounded and do they usually turn out better or worse than you hoped?

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