Gnarly New Shark Attack Footage Has Jackass 4 Star Poopies Choked Up

When Sean McInerney, a.k.a. Poopies, joined the Jackass crew, his first stunt for a major TV show was participating during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. As part of a ‘jumping the shark’ Fonzie stunt for Discovery’s summer series, the new member didn’t land right, and he soon found himself in shark-infested waters. The sharks circled, and one attacked. Sean McInerney emotionally explains his ordeal and his very real feeling that he was going to die. (A warning for graphic content, obviously).

“It’s a reminder that yeah, like, we are pushing it pretty hard. And this could happen, of course,” Jackass Forever star Chris Pontius, who had been watching from the boat, said. “It’s either, like, everything’s okay or this happens. And hopefully it’s always everything’s okay, everything’s okay. But then… you know, this time it’s not okay.”

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In an interview taped after his injury, Poopies, nursing his healing hand, says, “I knew there was a chance I was gonna get bit by a shark but I didn’t think it was gonna happen.” When a producer offscreen asked if he was mad at the shark, he replied, “No, I don’t blame the sharks at all. I mean, I was in their living room, and it was dinner time.”

“There’s, like, 10 sharks around me,” Poopies recalls about his Shark Week stunt, beginning to choke up, “I tried to swim out, and I couldn’t.” Finally succumbing to tears, he says, “I couldn’t swim out, dude, and I knew I got bit. And when I got bit, I thought I was gonna get attacked by, like, six more sharks, and luckily I didn’t. I just got my hand bit. Scariest thing of my life.”

Poopies also says he, “couldn’t really say much, I was in shock,” and describes knowing he was in trouble when he was pulled out of the water and tried to lift his hand up, but it simply fell over, thinking it was all over for him. “But luckily I didn’t (die),” he says, adding that he had an incredible safety team, who jumped into action. “He pretty much sacrificed his own life for my life.”

“I don’t think there’s ever been a scarier moment when we were filming,” Steve-O says in the video. “And as heavy as it was, like pretty much right away, I just thought, ‘This footage has to come out. Poopies needs the glory.'”

“Shark bit boy,” Poopies says. “I survived a freakin’ shark attack, dude.” Fellow Jackass star, Chris Pontius says, “They were able to repair all the damage. If you’re in the daredevil business, you accept that some things are going to go wrong every once in a while.” Steve-O took to Instagram to show us the damage from the hospital bed. For more bloody, cringe-inducing, death-defying stunts check out Jackass 4 in theaters October 22, 2021.

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