Granddad murdered by ‘axe-wielding psychopath targeted him at random’

Youssef Mahboubian was murdered by an axe-wielding stranger in a seemingly random attack, with his family left devastated by the killing (Pictures: KABC/Fox11)

A 102 year-old grandfather was brutally murdered by a killer described as an ‘axe wielding psychopath’ who appears to have targeted him at random. Youssef Mahboubian died of severe injuries caused by the axe attack at his home in Encino, California, on Thursday morning.

Terrified locals reported seeing a man, since named by police as Adam Dimmerman, 47, stalking the streets with a machete and knife. He is said to have attacked a second victim after killing Mahboubian, who was a World War Two veteran, and has since been arrested on suspicion of the murder.

Youssef’s grandson Jason Shakib said: ‘My wife is horrified to hear he was murdered by some ax-wielding psychopath.

‘He must have been deranged, or on drugs or something. I thought he fell. I had no idea. They told me he fell in the garage and my cousin came home and found him.

‘I just thought he slipped and fell because he was an older man. I had no idea there was a guy with a machete running around killing people.’

Jason said his late grandfather had moved to the US from Iran decades ago, and enjoyed living ‘peacefully’ at his home with his wife of 65 years.

The grieving grandson told KABC: ‘This is heartbreaking.’

The second victim allegedly attacked by Dimmerman was not seriously injured, and did not need hospital treatment.

Police have yet to share a motive for both attacks, but believe they were random. Dimmerman is being held on $2 million bail ahead of his next court appearance.

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