Holby City review with spoilers: Shock exit for killer Cameron

Cameron can’t see a way out (Picture: BBC)

So the reign of Holby City’s latest Dr Death, Cameron Dunn (Nic Jackman), has finally come to an end. This dramatic episode started with Cameron’s latest victim Ange (Dawn Steele) still captive, lying lifeless on the floor still bound to a chair. Not far away but in an entirely unrelated incident, Louis (Tyler Luke Cunningham) was lying in a pool of his own blood after being stabbed by patient Vicky last week.

It was Louis who was rescued first, discovered by Josh (Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge) and rushed to theatre to be operated on by Sacha (Bob Barrett) while his mum Max (Jo Martin) looked on, distraught. When Louis woke up after the surgery he didn’t remember being stabbed. Max concluded that the attack on him had been personal because he’s trans. Louis realised that the doctors who did his surgery would all know by now that he’s trans, as he had to have extensive abdominal surgery. But he thought his mum was blaming him for being the cause of his own attack and told her to leave.

Max had other things to think about apart from Louis, as Chloe (Amy Lennox) and Lucky Simpson (Vineeta Rishi) had come to her with a story that Cameron might have done something heinous to Ange, who was still missing. Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) set a trap for Cameron, ringing him and asking him to come to Max’s office because he needed his help as a board member. Fletch knows the quickest way to Cam’s heart is to flatter him. But when Cam noticed there were police everywhere (because of the attack on Louis), he suspected what Fletch was up to.

Meanwhile he still hadn’t decided what to do about Ange, but she’d been busying herself getting as free of her bonds as possible and grabbing a sharp object, which she used to lunge at Cameron when he next appeared.

Louis left for dead (Picture: BBC)

Eventually Chloe and Donna (Jaye Jacobs) found Cameron, and Donna remembered seeing him lurking near the mortuary. So Chloe locked Nicky (Belinda Owusu) and Cameron in Max’s office and rushed off to the mortuary. To her relief she didn’t find the corpse of Ange in among the dead bodies. Then Donna remembered a disused corner of the hospital known as ‘the covid suite’ and that’s where Chloe found Ange – battered, bruised and not feeling terribly well after being dosed up on Pethidine for days. But alive.

Back in Max’s office, Nicky was piecing together Cam’s campaign of killing, realising it had all started with Evan Crowhurst. ‘I did it to protect her,’ Cameron said of Chloe. ‘If it wasn’t for Evan, if it wasn’t for Chloe, I wouldn’t be stuck here about to lose everything. I did this for her!’ Quite the kick in the teeth for the mother of his unborn child, but Nicky had already recorded Cameron’s confession just in case he tried to worm his way out of it again. She said she’d had enough of listening to his ‘delusional rubbish.’ So Cameron threw a chair through the window and threatened to jump – but he was never going to go through with it. Like so much about Cameron, it was all for show.

Eventually the police led him away, but not before Donna got the chance to spit in his face. ‘That’s for Zav,’ she told him.

No more Mr Nice Guy (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Dominic (David Ames) was struggling with the practicalities of being back at work with a new colostomy bag to get used to. If his mum Ange being missing crossed his radar it didn’t seem to bother him, as he was more concerned with his own situation.

He asked Sacha to support him in his court case against the hospital, ‘Or I will come for you with everything I have and I will ruin you, because someone needs to pay for what has happened to me and at the moment I really don’t care who.’

On a slightly lighter note, Kian (Ramin Karimloo) was left to his own devices on Darwin as the rest of the staff ran around looking for Cameron and Ange. He was pleased as punch when his patient deteriorated and he had to forget that he was on admin duties only for a while and do a chest drain. ‘That was exciting,’ he said.

Excitement? He should see what’s been happening on the other wards.

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