[Horror Queers Podcast] The Queer Love Story at the Heart of ‘Copycat’

Squirrel Covers.

After closing out October with the one-two punch of Halloween horror in Trick ‘r Treat and Hocus Pocus, we are now shifting gears for November as we look at Jon Amiel‘s vastly underrated 1995 thriller Copycat!

The film sees Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) deeply shaken after being assaulted by a deranged man (Harry Connick Jr.). She must now face her fears if she is to help solve a series of murders. Helen is a psychologist who has studied serial killers, but this case, in which the crimes seem modeled on the work of infamous deviants, is grimmer than most. With the help of two San Francisco police officers (Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney), Helen tries to come between the murderer and his next victim.

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Episode 98 – Copycat (1995)

“We’re comin’ at ya this week with a very special episode (no, not that kind) in the form of the episode we did for Salem Horror Fest on Jon Amiel’s vastly underrated (and under-seen) 1995 film Copycat! Joining us for the discussion is the director of Salem Horror Fest themself: K Lynch!

“Join us as we wax poetic over the incredible performances of Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter and the implied lesbianism between their characters, raise our eyebrows at Harry Connick Jr’s “squirrel covers”-obsessed serial killer, and debate whether or not killing off the only explicitly gay character is homophobic.

“Plus, we’ll lament the fact that Copycat fell under the shadow of Se7en, which was released just a month prior. But never fear! We’ll sing the film’s praises and point out all the things it gets right, and why it should be remembered as a classic ’90s thriller.”

Cross out Copycat!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re going to be discussing a film directed by previous queer guest Carter Smith (see our episode on The People Under the Stairs) in the 2008 killer plant movie The Ruins!

– Joe & Trace

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