How long does The Circle run for?

Here’s the state of play for the social media game (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circle is heating up – and is turning into a virtual game of snakes and ladders with players making their way up and down the rankings in the popularity game.

With epic twists including clones and now assassins in the mix, the series is only going to get more strange as the gang head towards the finale.

With more blockings imminent, the remaining nine players have to work hard to keep themselves away from trouble.

So how long will the series continue for? Just how much longer do these players have to hold out?

Here’s how the series currently stands.

When is The Circle season 3 finale?

the circle season 3 original contestants

Which contestant will win the top prize? (Picture: Channel 4)

The Circle will run for 21 episodes, with episode seven airing March 23.

They don’t air episodes on Saturday, so the finale will looks on schedule to air on April 9.

The final episode will see the final rankings take place, before all remaining players finally meet face-to-face over dinner.

As a result, the catfish players will be exposed to the rest of the gang for the first time, with previous.

New additions have shaken up the game (Picture: Channel 4)

How many players are still in the game?

Currently there are nine players still in the game:

  • Gemma (played by James, aka Hunter from Gladiators)
  • Syed (played by video maker Hashu)
  • Felix (played by military police officer Natalya)
  • Dorothy (played by actor Scott)
  • Tally (playing as herself)
  • Andy (playing as himself)
  • Billy (playing as himself)
  • Vithun (playing as himself)
  • Manrika (playing as herself)

Who has been eliminated from The Circle so far?

Currently, there has been two eliminated players.

Yolanda, who played as her husband Chris was the first to be blocked, only to return moments later for a second chance.

She re-entered the game as a clone of player Tally, and the other players had to figure out who was ‘true’ Tally, and who was fake.

In a final vote, the players eliminated Yolanda again leaving Tally (who is real) still in the game.

Penny – aka father/daughter duo Jamie and Millie – were blocked next, revealing themselves as fake in a goodbye video.

What does the winner of The Circle get?

The winner of The Circle is the person voted most popular by the other players in the final rankings.

They will win a £100,000 prize.

The first series winner was Alex Hobern – who is now hosting a podcast dedicated to the show.

He played as Kate, using photos of his girlfriend Millie, which caused a particular stir when fellow finalist Dan had bonded with her, believing she was a confidante.

Paddy Smyth was the second winner, who played as himself but hid the fact he had cerebral palsy from the rest of the game, wanting to show ‘the real him’ behind his disability.

He won £70,000, with viewers voting to give the other £30,000 to the ‘peoples’ champion’ Tim Wilson.

The Circle continues weeknights at 10pm on Channel 4.

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