How to safely call spirits into your home – tips from a medium

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Fancy trying something a bit different this evening? Why not give spirit summoning a go?

While it might sound like something from a bad horror movie, there are plenty of people who buy into spirit summoning in a big way.

Why, even we at Metro.co.uk have tried our hand at it, with our own Rebecca Reid going as far as to try (and fail) to sleep with a ghost.

She however did not have any help with this endeavour, and tried summoning a horny spirit on her own.

With that in mind, we figured this time we should probably talk to an expert to get their tips on the subject.

After all, we’ve seen plenty of those aforementioned horror movies – we don’t want to get things wrong and end up haunted.

First of all, Chris Riley, psychic to the stars, recommends that we keep things respectful and our intentions pure when summoning.

He tells Metro.co.uk: ‘When working with the world of spirits, it is always important to firstly remember to respect them and to also always work from a place of positivity and good intentions.

‘If you are inviting a spirit into your home, always set the intention within your mind first that you wish only to communicate with positive energies.

‘This way, only members of the spirit world that are filled with love and good intent will connect with you.

‘Before beginning, visualise a pure white light surrounding yourself and your home and this will help to encourage spirits to connect with you.’


We want to swerve the bad spirits (Picture: Getty Images/CSA Images RF)

Chris also recommends ‘patience, patience and more patience!’

He says: ‘It is important to be able to quieten your mind and visualise a spirit from the “Other Side”. Whilst this is a natural-born gift of psychic mediums, it isn’t impossible for those that are not working mediums to be able to see and communicate with spirits.

‘The key is to tell the spirit world that you are inviting them in and to show themselves to you.’

Spirits are apparently pretty polite, because Chris says: ‘You must always give a spirit your permission to show themselves to you and to communicate with you, and always reiterate that you have good intentions.

‘It is important to be aware that while communicating with a spirit it is beneficial to have a clear mind beforehand so that you can focus entirely on connecting with the spirit.’

When asked what sort of supplies you might need for this sort of thing, Chris says you may well find that you don’t need any.

He explains: ‘You may not need extra tools, as you can work on quietening your mind and this will be enough to allow you to connect to the “Other Side”.

‘You can sit quietly for a few minutes and just allow your mind to focus on your intentions, breathing deeply.

‘Then ask for the Angels of the Four Corners to protect you and surround you with pure white light and love.’

That being said, you want to light some candles to create more of an Other Side-y vibe, we’re sure the spirits won’t mind.

If you do happen to accidentally summon a bad spirit, Chris explains: ‘In this instance, you must show a level of respect to the spirit, and politely tell the spirit that you only work with the highest good and positive energies.

‘Communicate that you wish to send them back to the light and that you do not want to communicate with them further.

‘Visualise a brilliant white light surrounding you and filling every room of your home as this will help to send the spirit back to the Other Side.’

He adds that negative thoughts won’t be helpful when trying to dispell a bad spirit, explaining: ‘If you feel that the spirit is still present within your home and around you, by having negative feelings within yourself, or feeling that the energy in your home has become quite heavy and suppressive, the spirit may perhaps refuse to leave, it is important to dispel any negative thoughts or feelings that you may be having by thinking more positively.

‘You can ask the Angels to shield you from further attack and ask that your surroundings be cleaned of darkness and filled with light.

‘You can also elevate your soul by focusing on something that you care for, your family, a pet and use those positive thoughts to overcome the negativity you may be experiencing from drawing in the bad spirit.

‘Focus with the Angel affirmation and if you feel that the spirit is still with you, it is best to contact a medium who will be able to send the spirit back to the light.’

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