Husky on ‘killing rampage’ shot dead by sheep farmer

Caption: Dog shot dead whilst on a ”killing rampage” in sheep field

A dog has been shot dead after it killed several sheep in a field in the Cotswolds.

Police have released graphic images of the husky to warn people to keep their pets on a lead during lambing season.

The upsetting images show the dead dog lying next to a young, blood-stained lamb that it had mauled to death.

Other images showed further chaos caused among the flock of sheep, leaving at least two adult sheep dead, with wool strewn across the field.

The incident happened after a pet owner let the grey husky off its lead.

Gloucestershire Police’s rural crime team have shared the distressing photos on their Twitter as a reminder that ‘livestock worrying’ is against the law.

The dead husky dog and lamb (SWNS)
The dog went on a rampage killing sheep (SWNS)

Police wrote: ‘Is this upsetting and offensive? Probably, but this is what happened. The Husky was unfortunately shot whilst on a killing rampage.

‘Keep dogs on a lead, it’s lambing season.’

Under the Animals Act 1971, a farmer or person responsible for caring for livestock is entitled to act in their protection by killing or injuring a dog that has ‘worried’ the livestock.

There must be no other reasonable means of ending the ‘worrying’ – and the killing or injuring of the dog must be reported to police within 48 hours.

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