Indiana Jones 5 Set Photo Strongly Suggest Harrison Ford Will Get De-Aged

As well as giving us our clearest view yet of Harrison Ford back in his iconic leather jacket and hat, a new image from the set of Indiana Jones 5 seems to confirm that Ford will be de-aged for the sequences currently being filmed in the north-east of England.

The new image, which sees the actor appearing alongside co-star Toby Jones, shows Ford wearing a number of motion capture dots on his face and around the shoulders and neck. This is almost certainly for the use of de-aging technology that has been seen in many recent movies such as The Irishman. The only question fans are now asking is, “How far will the de-aged Indy go in the movie?”

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Numerous set photos already suggest that Harrison Ford will once again be facing off against the Nazis for the first time since Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. With the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull moving the series on two decades to the 1950s, it is unlikely that the Nazis would feature in a continued timeline. With this in mind, that gives two possible ways the Nazis could be back.

The most obvious reason would be in a flashback. Many of the Indiana Jones movies have opened with a flashback sequence, which then leads into the “current day” and whatever adventure awaits. There is a strong belief that the scenes involving the Nazi train that have been seen in various images and a video released from the site, will feature in one such scene, with a flashback to the 30s when Ford frequently races against his adversaries for one artifact or another.

On the other hand, some have started to question if they could be about to de-age Ford for the whole movie. While this is certainly only a fan theory at the moment, and would add hugely to the movie’s budget, it may not be as outlandish a suggestion as it first seems. Indy was at his best in his battles with the Nazis, whether seeking the Ark of The Covenant or the Holy Grail. If they are able to return Ford to how he looked in his earlier adventures, then it would certainly be a huge bonus to be able to see Indy back in his prime.

If we look at the bigger picture, with de-aging technology becoming more advanced and more wide-spread in its use, such as in Gemini Man when Will Smith was able to face off against a younger version of himself, then if Indy 5 did make a full movie with a Raiders era Indiana Jones and pull it off, then it opens up a wealth of other franchises that could put their aging stars back into the original era when they first played the role, creating new Indiana Jones stories without the limits that aging can bring.

Of course, we are still currently going with the flashback sequence as being the reason for the motion capture, but with very little known about the plot of the movie there is nothing wrong with a little speculation while we wait on more details emerging.

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