Iraq’s Erbil Airport hosting US troops ‘under massive rocket attack’

Erbil Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan was reportedly hit by at least 20 rockets on Tuesday evening (Picture: Getty Images)

Erbil International Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan was reportedly hit by at least 20 rockets while hosting American troops.

Militia affiliated channels hit the base on Tuesday, according to BBC correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard.

At least three drones and 20 rockets were launched at Erbil Airport as well as the US consulate in Erbil, Kohnavard reported.

Col Wayne Marotto, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve which is an 83-member coalition to defeat ISIS, tweeted: ‘Initial report: At approx 11.15pm local time, one UAS (unmanned aircraft system) impacted in vicinity of Erbil Air Base, Iraq. At this time initial reports indicate no injuries, casualties or damage.’

The attack came a day after a reported drone attack against American facilities near the US embassy in Baghdad. At least three drones struck Union III, a coalition base led by the US in Iraq’s capital.

Militias supporting Iran have launched more frequent attacks aimed at US troops in Iraq. It went from weekly to daily attacks since July 4, including two strikes on Monday, one of them at an Asad base, according to The Jerusalem Post. More attacks unfolded on Monday and Tuesday nights in Erbil.

Drones struck Erbil in late June and in late April, targeted a CIA hangar.

President Joe Biden ordered airstrikes against pro-Iran militias in Syria late last month, in response to the drone attack near a US consulate site close to Erbil. The militias fired a retaliatory salvo at US troops based in Syria near Omar. The Erbil attack is believed to be the third strike in 36 hours.

Tuesday’s attack, which reportedly included rockets and missiles, appears to be the biggest attack on US forces in Erbil, according to the Post.

Pro-Iran militias want US troops to leave Iraq and have stepped up attacks in an apparent to attempt to force them out. About 50 attacks, many of them using drones, have been documented since the start of 2021.

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