Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Top Perfectly Cast Twitter Poll

There are some actors who are just made for certain roles and when a Twitter user asked who her followers thought was the one character that they believed was so perfectly cast that nobody else could embody the role, there were three names that seemed to be on many people’s list – Ryan Reynolds, Viola Davis and Johnny Depp in the roles of Deadpool, Annalise Keating and Jack Sparrow respectively. While there are many others who could be added to this list, including my personal contribution of Christopher Lee as Saruman in Lord of the Rings, it was these three roles that kept on coming back time and time again with all three actors ending up trending on the social media site.

Based on his first appearance in the role, it is a fair assumption that Ryan Reynolds would have struggled to appear on anyone’s “perfect casting” list, as his initial appearance as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine left a lot to be desired. Everything was wrong about it. There was no classic Deadpool costume, they sealed up the mouth of the Merc With The Mouth and they attempted to make him a serious adversary, which took away every shred of what Deadpool was created for.

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Thankfully for Reynolds and fans of the character, he was given a second chance at glory and boy did he take it. Arriving in 2016,Deadpool‘s first full movie outing allowed Reynolds to run with the character as he appeared in the comics; crude, loud, breaking the fourth wall and essentially bringing the character to life directly from the page. The movie turned its $58 million budget into a $782 million worldwide gross, securing a future for the franchise and making sure that Reynolds became synonymous with the character

A world away from the spectacular Marvel magic of Deadpool, Viola Davis’ turn as Annalise Keating in the legal thriller series How To Get Away With Murder is a performance that not only captivated audiences across six seasons, but also won the actress Emmys and Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as multiple nominations. The Los Angeles Times’ Mary McNamara said of Davis, “Magnetic and intimidating, Davis creates an implacable surface beneath which shimmers all manner of fleet and startled emotions. Desire and fear, certainty, self-doubt and resolve are conjured in an instant with the angle of a glance, the lowering of an eyelid and then released as if they were never there” I don’t think there are many who would disagree with Davis inclusion in the list, and the fact that a character from a TV show was mentioned so many times on a list busting with movie characters speaks volumes for her perfection in the role.

Then we have Johnny Depp and the inimitable Jack Sparrow. If there was a character that needed no introduction then Depp’s performance across five Pirates of the Caribbean movies is it. From his first appearance on screen, sailing into dock on the sinking remnant of a ship and stepping off just as the mast vanished into the water was all it needed for Jack Sparrow to become an instant cinematic icon. While it seems that Depp is done with the Pirates franchise, although it is set to continue with more movies, there is a good reason why Disney have decided to bring in a brand new character to continue the series rather than recasting the role. Although there are some who have said Depp has some personas that he uses across multiple characters, when it comes to Jack Sparrow, it is hard to image anyone else being able to pull of the tragically comic performance in quite the same way.

While there were many more names mentioned on the lists offered by retweeters, these three stood out a mile as the most popular choices, but would they be on your list? Who would your perfectly cast role list include?

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