Jurassic Park Mattel Toy Immortalizes Ray Arnold’s Final Scene

For those who always wondered what happened in the final moments of Jurassic Park‘s Ray Arnold, played in the Steven Spielberg movie by Samuel L Jackson, then Mattel’s [email protected] are giving fans of the dinosaur thriller can now recreate one of the film’s most “iconic scenes never seen” with a new deluxe toy set. Revealed as part of Mattel’s exclusive Comic-Con 2021 offerings, the “Jurassic Park Final Scene Ray Arnold” set brings the death of one of Jackson’s earliest characters to life…so to speak.

Jurassic Park Final Scene Ray Arnold

While Mattel have recently just released individual toys based on Ray Arnold and the deadly Velociraptor, this special edition comes in a collector’s box, which also comes with lights and sounds to turn into the ultimate display that replicates the maintenance shed in which Arnold meets his end. The set comes with a 3.75 inch Arnold figure, which has a removable arm that can be fed directly to the Velociraptor that completes the collection. In a time when 80s and 90s nostalgia is very much alive and well in numerous toy lines, this set will certainly find a home, and for the reasonable price tag of $25.00 there are much more expensive pieces out there.

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The blurb for the collector’s item reads as, “Fans would give their right arm for this special collector pack. It imagines the memorable moment viewers never got to see in the Jurassic Park movie — as Chief Engineer John Raymond ‘Ray’ Arnold heroically heads to the maintenance shed to reboot the power. Capturing this tragic moment that lives only in the imagination, the pack includes a highly posable 3.75-inch (9.5-cm) action figure of Arnold with removable arm within the maintenance shed setting. The 2.4-inch (6.1-cm-cm) tall and 7-inch (17.8-cm) long ferocious-looking Velociraptor figure reminds us how Arnold dies, losing his arm in the process. Sounds and lights heighten the suspense and even the packaging reflects the authentic setting of the scene. Makes a great gift for collectors, especially Jurassic Park fans! Colors and decorations may vary. SRP: $25”

One of the biggest movies of the 90s, Jurassic Park brought to life the characters of Michael Crichton’s novel about science gone awry, and saw some of the most impressive dinosaurs ever created on screen either before or, many would argue, since. Mattel recently launched their Amber Collection of toys based on the movie, which has brought to market highly-articulated figures based on the likenesses of actors Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Laura Dern and Sam Neill, as well as Samuel L. Jackson. While we are still waiting to see the arrival of the T-Rex in this collection, so far Mattel have been providing 90s kids with the toys they wished they had almost 30 years ago.

With Jurassic World: Dominion coming to theaters next summer, bringing the current dino-centric trilogy to a close, there has never been a better time for these toy lines to hit shelves, and there is little doubt that certain marketing people at Mattel will be well aware of that. For those looking to buy, orders will open on Thursday 22nd July at 9am PST on the Mattel Creations website.

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