Jeanie Buss reveals ‘dream’ championship parade with Lakers, Dodgers

Lakers, Jeanie Buss, Dodgers

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers recently made history after winning championships in their respective leagues over the past couple of months. For Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, she continues to hope for a joint parade celebration in the streets of L.A. to celebrate these two teams’ epic milestones.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times’ Arash Markazi, the Lakers owner expressed how a joint celebration between the Lakers and the Dodgers would be a dream come true for her:

“My dream would be to have a co-parade with the World Champions Los Angeles Dodgers as well,” Buss said. “And all the fans of Los Angeles could celebrate together, but not until it’s completely safe.”

It is very important to note that based on her statement above, Buss provided a huge caveat for her proposal. She isn’t likely to sanction a parade unless it’s “completely safe”, or presumably once COVID-19 protocols ease up a bit in the city.

Right now, strict social distancing measures are still in place in Los Angeles, and mass gatherings are still prohibited. This becomes even more relevant following news of how the United States recently eclipsed the 200,000-mark in new COVID-19 cases in the span of just 24 hours.

Given this recent development, L.A. fans are likely going to have to wait quite a bit before they are able to take the streets to celebrate the Lakers’ and the Dodgers’ titles. For her part, this remains to be a pipe dream for Buss — for the time being at least.

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