Kendrick Perkins drops crazy Chris Paul-Rajon Rondo prediction

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The rumblings of Chris Paul taking his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten stronger in recent weeks, and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins has further stoked the fire. The retired NBA player recently shared his unabashed opinion that the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard will soon move to Hollywood and form a Big 3 with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The defending champs are reportedly in the market for a third impact player who can strengthen their bid of retaining the Larry O’Brien trophy in the 2020-21 campaign.

“I think the Lakers are going to land Chris Paul, I think Rondo is going to be with the Clippers and I think y’all gonna lose Playoff Rondo. That’s the guy I think y’all are going to lose. We all know how great of friends LeBron James and Chris Paul are. Chris Paul has been on record this offseason saying that his destinations are the Lakers in L.A. or with New York,” Perk said in the Sedano and LZ show (via Lakers Nation). 

“And I think he’s going to be a Laker. I’m telling you. I can see it happening right now, with him and Sam Presti possibly coming up with a buyout if they can’t come together and get a trade done. I’m like 85% sure Chris Paul will be a Laker next year”.

Although Paul does have one of the worst contracts in the league right now, a lot of contenders are willing to bite the bullet following his splendid showing for OKC last season. The 35-year-old facilitator averaged 17.6 points, 5.0 rebounds, 6.7 assists, and 1.6 steals in his 17th season and led the youth-laden Thunder to the fifth seed in West.

Multiple reports have claimed that the New York Knicks are preparing to offer a huge package to trade for Paul, in a bid to return to relevance. CP3, of course, could have been in the Lakers fold as early as 2011 if then-Commissioner David Stern did not veto a deal between the New Orleans Hornets and the Purple and Gold. He did play in LA eventually but settled with the Clippers from 2011 to 2017.

However, it seems that Kendrick Perkins’ buyout scenario is indeed more likely to occur, especially for an aging star who just wants a shot at his first NBA ring. Plus, given that Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo do have a bit of rivalry going on, it’s highly unlikely these two will co-exist as teammates.

The Lakers will indeed have a tough decision on their hands regarding their point guard situation next season.

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