Lillith Trailer Unleashes a Bloodthirsty, Sex-Fueled Succubus Rampage

Lillith originated from an earlier class of female demons in the ancient Mesopotamian religion, found in cuneiform texts of Sumer, Assyria, and Babylonia. She continues to serve as source material in modern Western culture, literature, occultism, fantasy, and horror. Lillith is now the subject of Terror Films’ latest horror movie for which they have just released the newest trailer.

Terror Films is a distribution company that specializes in horror films. They distribute their films to such channels and platforms as Shudder, YouTube, Roku, Tubi, Vudo, XBox and PlayStation to name a few. Terror Films also gives first time directors, writers and producers an opportunity to have their movies seen by thousands. Now that we know a little about Terror Films let’s look at the latest move, Lillith.

In the trailer we meet Jenna as she is coming home to find her boyfriend in bed with another girl (gasp.) Clearly this rips Jenna apart as she is seen talking to her friends about how heartbroken she is. Flash forward to another scene of Jenna in class where the teacher is speaking about demons, mainly the succubus. Which is a demon that is known to seduce men into sexual activity and literally drains them to death. In most recent depictions of this nasty creature, it or she is portrayed as a beautiful seductive woman as opposed to a disgusting demon. 

From what we see in the trailer, Jenna had this great idea to get her revenge on her cheating loser boyfriend. The only way to do is was to summon Lillith so she could come and make him feel the pain and suffering that Jenna is going through. Again this is why you never cheat…bad things can happen. The movie takes a little bit of both images when it comes to the succubus legend. First we see a horned dark scaled woman appear but she changes to a red haired younger more attractive monster in the next scene. 

Lillith poster

As we have learned from history and a thousand other horror movies, summoning a demon for revenge never ends well. This time is no exception as Lillith (we assume that’s her) is on a sex craved killing rampage. And from the looks of it Jenna is going to have to stop her or just sit back and enjoy the show, we can’t tell which path she is going to choose. What we do know is that her ex boyfriend is probably screwed. 

Terror Films is known for the “B Style” type of movies that range from ghosts to possessed pets. These movies are all independent and unique in their own right. The common theme with these movies is of course the blood, guts and mayhem that typically comes with them. 

So this one looks like it might be for a ladies night viewing or better yet…maybe they should skip it. We don’t need a bunch of sex crazed demons running around. It’s already been a hard year or two. Lillith arrives On Demand this weekend, July 9, 2021.

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