Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Is Tonight and Fans Are Stoked to See What Happens

After months of heated quarreling, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are just hours away from their exhibition match on pay-per-view. Hosted by Fanmio and Showtime, the event will go down on the evening of Sunday, June 6, at 8 p.m. EST. It’s available to purchase on your favorite devices and can also be seen at Fanmio.com.

The fight between the YouTube sensation and the legendary boxer has been a long time coming. Though Mayweather retired with a pro fighting career record of 50-0, he was taunted by Paul on social media to the point where he just didn’t want to hear it anymore. The reported $100 million payday he’s looking to score from the event may have also helped influence his decision to step back out of retirement.

In any case, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a lot to lose should he not come out on top in this fight. His undefeated career will be tarnished with an asterisk noting that he lost to Paul, whose record as a pro boxer is 0-1, in an exhibition match. Meanwhile, it’s the exact opposite for Paul, who doesn’t have much to lose but everything to gain. Paul’s career won’t be set back too much if he loses the fight, but he would garner tremendous accolades if he pulls off the upset win.

Most people seem to be expecting Mayweather to handily win the bout. That’s the consensus on social media, at least. One popular tweet is of a video clip of a boxer instantly getting knocked out in the video game Wii Boxing, suggesting that’s what will happen to Paul tonight. “Leaked footage of the fight,” the tweet reads.

“I’m really hoping @FloydMayweather smashes @LoganPaul tonight, I’m tired of hearing about some random internet guy,” tweeted another Twitter user.

Even some people rooting for Paul still feel like he’s screwed. One person posted another GIF of an instant knockout and wrote, “I actually want [Logan] to win tho but this is what’s gunna happen.”

It’s obvious that Mayweather is the heavy favorite heading into this fight. Even so, there are many people out there who just aren’t willing to count out Paul. Given his 0-1 pro boxing record, it’d be very easy to underestimate Paul, and as some fight fans have pointed out, all it could take is for Logan to land one punch in just the right way to leave Mayweather laying flat on his back and looking up at the lights.

“Im telling you now, no matter how good a boxer you are. One punch could change everything,” reads one tweet. “The size difference is gigantic. Logan has an actual chance and i cant f**king wait to watch it.”

“My dream was about @LoganPaul winning the boxing match with a first round knockout,” says someone else.

And someone else who’s rooting for Logan tonight is brother Jake Paul, who wrote in another tweet: “Time for you to break the simulation tonight @loganpaul I’m beyond proud of you. It’s your turn to show the world how the f**k we do things. Go get this W then we going crazy.”

We’ll find out what happens for sure in just a matter of hours. Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather will go down on the evening of Sunday, June 6, at 8 p.m. EST. You can find out more information about the event along with purchasing access to the pay-per-view by visiting Fanmio.com.

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