London Mayor & Local Elections 2021: When will we know the results?

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Today is the day that many local government elections are taking place across the UK, including the vote for the next Mayor of London.

While usually the votes would be counted overnight and declared throughout the day after voting, but Covid restrictions mean that the counting process will be much slower.

This means that results will be coming out at different times over the next few days, depending on how the counting officers have organised the process in their respective areas.

Here is when we might get to know the results of the London Mayoral and local elections…

When will we know the result of the London Mayoral election?

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While the count will start on Friday May 7, it is unlikely that results for the London Mayoral election will be known until the evening of Saturday May 8 at the earliest.

A spokeswoman for London Elects, the organisation running the polls for Mayor and the London Assembly, said: “Details are still being finalised — but in the interests of staff safety, the count will take place over two days. This means the mayoral result will not be announced before Saturday evening, at the earliest.”

When will we know the results of local elections?

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Polling stations close at 10pm tonight (Picture: Getty)

The timeline for counting votes is going to be quite different across a number of different local government elections.

This timeline is very much subject to change.

As polls close tonight at 10pm, counting is expected to begin immediately in Hartlepool for the parliamentary by-election, in Doncaster for mayoral election as well as 19 of the 143 councils holding local elections in England.

May 7

The first results from those 19 councils is expected to be announced around 2am on Friday morning, although it is unclear which councils that will include.

The Hartlepool by-election results are also expected to be announced in the early morning, between 4am and 6am.

The first results from 79 councils in England and 46 Scottish parliamentary constituencies that have begun counting are expected from noon.

At 2pm the Liverpool mayor result is expected, followed by the first results from Wales at around 3pm.

The final results from Wales, any remaining results from the 46 of 73 Scottish parliamentary constituencies counting on Friday, and the Derbyshire police and crime commissioner results should then arrive at around 7pm.

Results are also expected for the police and crime commissioners for Avon and Somerset and Staffordshire.

The pace of counting votes will be slower this year due to social distancing guidelines (Picture: Getty)

May 8

The first results due from the 35 councils in England counting on Saturday will likely arrive from noon.

Results from Scotland, Liverpool City Region, North Tyneside and West of England mayors are likely across Saturday.

Results for 11 police and crime commissioners and the Greater Manchester, Salford and West Midlands mayors are also due into late afternoon/early evening.

As stated above, the results of the vote for the Mayor of London could arrive in the evening at the earliest.

The Bristol mayoral result is also likely in the evening, as are the final results for the Scottish Parliament, including all the regional seats.

Do you know where your nearest polling station is? (Picture: Getty)

May 9

From noon, results are due from 10 councils in England and for the West Yorkshire mayor.

Results for the police and crime commissioners in Dyfed-Powys, Gwent and North Wales are likely later in the afternoon.

May 10

The rest of the results for the police and crime commissioners elections are likely to be declared in the afternoon.

The results for other elections may be drawn out past May 10 should there be any unforeseen circumstances during counting.

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