Loose Women: Stacey Solomon, Carol McGiffin clash over shorts on BBC

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Stacey Solomon and Carol McGiffin clashed on Loose Women on Friday as they disagreed about what professionals should wear to work.

The spat came about during a discussion about BBC newsreader Shaun Ley who was caught live on air wearing shorts beneath the desk.

Shaun was spotted by some eagle-eyed viewers when he very briefly appeared on screen in the summer attire while he wore a shirt, tie and suit jacket on top.

The blunder happened on Wednesday, which was the hottest day of the year so far.

However, Loose Women panellist Carol, 61, was less than impressed, insisting all professional people should dress appropriately in the workplace.

When Stacey, 31, was asked if the casual clothes bothered her, Stacey said: ‘What? No, do you know what’s really funny, we have this conversation all the time.

BBC anchor spotted wearing shorts and deck shoes under desk on 2021's hottest day

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‘Like, wearing pyjamas to school… I just don’t get it. I understand that there are preconceived ideas that clothing makes you look or seem a certain way but it’s not true.

‘Shorts don’t make you less capable of reading the news, do they! If I put a doctors uniform on it doesn’t make me a doctor.’

When asked if she thought it made a professional less credible to people they meet, Stacey continued: ‘Well, if it does, that’s their problem, not you..’

She added: ‘If someone walks in and says, “What you’re wearing makes me feel like you’re less able to do your job,” that’s their problem.’

Stacey was supportive of the newsreader wearing shorts as she said it didn’t make him any less able to read the news (Picture: ITV)
Carol was insistent professionals should dress appropriately, saying: ‘It looks ridiculous!’ (Picture: ITV)

Carol chimed in: ‘Showing the guy wearing a suit jacket, tie and shorts, reading the news, just looks ridiculous!’

However, Stacey hit back: ‘If you called an ambulance, you wouldn’t care what they were wearing, as long as they’re a medical professional, you would just care that they were there.’

Host Kaye Adams backed Stacey, saying it was all in the mind as she used EasyJet at the time of their launch in comparison to British Airways.

She said: ‘When EasyJet first arrived, they wore jeans and polo shirts rather than the classic suit or skirt and tan tights, and people thought they wouldn’t be able to react as well in an emergency than people wearing the uniform.’

BBC anchor Shaun Ley was caught wearing shorts and deck shoes while presenting the news (Picture: Ella Millward)
The newsreader appeared to be wearing a suit when viewed from above the desk (Picture: Ella Millward)

However, Carol jokingly affirmed: ‘Professional people, like yourself, should not be sitting there with shorts on, it’s not right, and also you’ve got hairy legs.’

Many viewers appear to agree with Stacey, with one Loose Women viewer tweeting: ‘Oh who the hell cares if he’s wearing shorts or not? Leave him to it, stop moaning #loosewomen.’

Another viewer posted: ‘Why on earth is it “not right” to wear shorts? They’re just clothes. #LooseWomen.’

‘Well it was hot don’t blame him. It’s like when boys aren’t allowed to wear shorts at school but girls can wear skirts. #LooseWomen,’ shared another person.

While someone else added: ‘#LooseWomen The news isn’t going to change just because he’s wearing bloody shorts!!’

The BBC reporter opted for the mixed look during the 11pm slot on Wednesday’s hottest day of the year when temperatures rose to 26.6 celcius.

Viewers were amused at the time, as Shaun – who was explaining very serious matters, including the pandemic, during his segment – had his legs on show as the camera panned across the studio at the start of the bulletin.

One laughed this week: ‘Is BBC news reader Shaun Ley keeping his cool by wearing shorts? And if so, were viewers meant to find out?’

Another very accurately pointed out we’re all ones to laugh, as they wrote: ‘It’s only what everyone’s been doing for the past year on their zoom calls!’

Another had noticed Ley’s proclivity for letting the legs air out as they mused last week: ‘Wow. The BBC’s clothing allowance has clearly taken a hit. Late-night presenter Shaun Ley appears to be wearing shorts. What next? Fiona Bruce doing question time in a bikini? Harumph. Harumph.’

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